My life in travel

Secret swimming pool inside mountains in Iceland

First holiday memory?
When I was little, I got lost on a huge beach in Belgrade and screamed my eyes out until I was found! There was literally thousands of people there and it was terrifying. Not a great memory!

Me in Belgrade

Best holiday?
If I don't count my 2010 travels, I would say my two week Colombia holiday was the best so far. We spent most of our time in the north by the beaches and seaside towns, making sure we got a good dose of culture but also fun and luxury wherever we went. It was great because I could explore it with friends who are locals and was able to experience the culture in more ways than any tourist. Colombia may not be well advertised by UK travel agents, but it will pleasantly surprise you - it has stunning Caribbean beaches, delicious food, beautiful nature and the people are extremely friendly, always singing and dancing! It's definitely one of my favourite places in the world.

Cartagena, Colombia

Barranquilla Carnival, Colombia

Koh Phanghan 

Chiang Mai 

Koh Tao

What have you learnt from your travels?
I've learnt not to be fearful of anything, to be more adventurous and spontaneous and open minded, and that one never stops learning. I've learned to make the most of meeting new people and that really delving into different cultures is what helps you learn more about yourself. I feel like life without travel would be no life at all.

A sweet grandmother I met on a trek through Sapa in Vietnam

Ideal traveling companion?
I travelled alone in 2010 for three months and I had the best time, but I also love discovering new places and sharing those memories with my boyfriend and my mum. I also think that generally, someone open minded who likes discovering new things every day, and is adventurous but can relax and enjoy silence and appreciate rare moments is my ideal travel companion.

My mum and I in Istanbul last year

Greatest travel luxury?
Five star hotels. As much as I love soaking in the local culture, I get exhausted from all the activities during the day and sometimes just love getting into a huge comfy bed with fresh sheets, or taking a luxury bath after a delicious dinner served in my room! When I travel, I usually go to mid-range or budget hotels, but always save some money for one or two luxury nights in between.

 A Moroccan themed hotel in Chiang Mai

Holiday reading?
I'm not the biggest fan of fictional writing, but I do like to read books that relate to where I am traveling to, such as Shanataram when I was in India, or the good old Lonely Planets that contain great compact history notes about the country! It just enriches the experience even more to read about where you are, when you are actually there.

Where has seduced you?
Japan. This country is like no other. It's really difficult to put a description of Japan into words or even just a few sentences, but it is one of my favourite places on earth. It's everything you would expect, and so much more than that at the same time. It's a country where technology is so prominent in everything yet culture and hard core values are just as visible everywhere you go. I don't know anywhere else where these two things combine so well and compliment one end up feeling like you're in a dream or some sort of alternate reality at times. Plus everything in Japan is just AWESOME! :)

In Kyoto

Worst travel experience?
When I was traveling from Vietnam to Laos, I spent 32 hours on three different uncomfortable buses with a very loud speaker next to me. I was also on malaria pills which were making me hallucinate during my sleep, and when we slept on the border until 6am I had the most terrifying dreams! We then broke down for 2 hours and sat on the side of the road, until I got to beautiful Laos and all I wanted was a shower. I was exhausted! I said I would never go to Laos ever again, yet when I woke in the morning and saw where I was. I realised it was all worth it!

Stunning Vang Vieng, Laos 

Best hotel?
There are so many beautiful hotels that I haven't been to yet, but from my experience so far the best one is the W Hotel on Koh Samui, Thailand. They have a very cool atmosphere and infinity pool, great music and food and an even more amazing beach and entertainment 'facilities'. It's like a luxurious playground for adults!

Best meal abroad?
Whilst in Chiang Mai, Thailand, I tried a traditional local dish called Khao Soy - basically curry noodles with lots of spices, soup and crispy noodles on top. It is one of the most delicious meals I've ever had, and is really hard to find in touristy areas in Thailand. I learned how to cook it, but a few of the ingredients are hard to find here. I'm still on the look out for it in London!

I even made my own at a Thai cooking course!

Favourite city?
London. Every time I visit a new city and come back home, I fall in love with London even more. There is absolutely everything you can imagine here, and the fact that you can get a little part of any country here amazes me to this day.

Most memorable place in nature?
Apart from the WHOLE of Iceland, it's got to be Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. This place is so magical, I had several moments when I felt like I was dreaming. One of them included skinny dipping at night and realizing I had millions of bright blue neon plankton all around was a surreal moment and one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. They say this place inspired Avatar, with the 'floating' mountains and all. The people that live here were born, live and die ON sea, and have never stepped foot on land because of their beliefs. They even have floating hospitals and schools, it's incredible.

Where next?
A little trip to Milan for a week, then a three week backpacking trip to Indonesia! 2017 is already all planned out with another two week trip to Sydney, Byron Bay and Auckland. I like to go as far as possible, to feel like I am really 'gone' :)

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Last image from Alison Wright, Ha Long Bay image from

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