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Hi! I'm Ana T and I'm a Serbian girl living and working in London. 

Since I was 10, I've lived in Bosnia, Serbia, Tanzania and Iceland. Although I've been based in the Big Smoke for nine years, I'm a true Nomad at heart and am still searching for my 'forever home'.

I'm always planning my next adventure and have been to 39/196 countries, 6/7 continents and over 180 cities/towns. Ever since I became an expat at a young age, I've not been able to stop the urge to travel. Experiencing different cultures is what really feeds my soul and happiness.

I blog about my experiences and interesting finds so that when I'm old and frail I can have a digital memory bank!

I also run a little shop called Nomad's Treasures. There you can find bags and accessories I gather on my travels.

I sometimes get asked these questions so thought I would post a quick FAQ below...


How do you afford to travel?
I’m not rich, I don’t earn a living from this blog (yet!) and I don’t have parents sending money into my bank account every month! The truth is that I work hard in a full time job in London (I'm a PR Manager) and I make the most of my money the best way I can. I don’t really drink often, I don’t go clubbing and I have cut down on shopping in general, all habits contributing to some great savings put towards travel. London is a very expensive city, and cutting down on these things really helps. 

I also sometimes sell clothes on eBay and run a small shop called Nomad’s Treasures, where people can buy accessories I pick up on my travels.

How do you get to travel so often?
As I have a full time job, I get the same holiday allowance as everyone else in the UK (25 days). We also have certain perks like a birthday day off, 10 days off at Christmas time and of course, all UK Bank Holidays. The truth is, I am just really organised. I plan every single trip in a clever way to ensure I use every one of my days off, including those Bank Holidays.

You can read more about the way I make this happen here.

How come you’ve lived in so many places?
I’ve just been very lucky. I was born in Bosnia and lived in Serbia during the war for some time. I then moved to Tanzania for three years due to my step-father’s work, and then to Iceland for four years for the same reason. On my 18th birthday I moved to London and have been living here ever since!

What camera do you use?
I use my iPhone 6, a GoPro Hero 5, a Canon SLR 600D with different lenses, and sometimes a disposable camera if I’m on an adventure.

What is your favourite country?
That’s a really difficult question because each place I’ve visited has left a special mark on my heart, and they are all so different. At the moment, I would say that my favourite country is Colombia – the food, the people, the culture, nature, beaches and atmosphere really captivated me.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts and that I can inspire you to visit some of the places I've been so lucky to experience.

Follow me on Twitter: @anathorsdottir

...and on Instagram: @anathorsdottirtravels

Ana xx

Image by Adorn Girl

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