Sunday, 16 October 2016

My AncestryDNA results!

As a follow up to my last blog post about AncestryDNA, I wanted to show you guys what my results were!

After waiting for about six weeks for the DNA results, I was so excited when I got the email telling me the stats were ready to view!

So what were my results?

  • 69% Europe East
  • 19% Italy/Greece
  • 6% Europe West
  • 1% Asia Central
  • 1% West Asia

After clicking through, it was no surprise that my main area of origin was Eastern Europe!

I have to be honest and say that I thought my results would be a little bit more exciting or interesting, but I guess on one hand it's still cool to know where my origins are from! If you are from the UK, you might find that your results are even more interesting and varied.

When you click to see your full ethnicity estimate, you see the below map and each percentage. Pretty cool, right?

The rest of the results revealed that I was 19% Italian or Greek, and 6% from Western Europe. The other cool bits were the 'trace regions' - although very low in probability, I had traces of Asia Central and West Asian regions in me. My guess is that this is because the area where I was born was under Ottoman rule for so long.

This journey has been really fun and I'm sure would open up a lot of people's eyes if they found out their true origins.

If you're still a bit confused and don't quite understand how it works...don't worry as Ancestry have a wealth of FAQs on their website and explanations about your results once you get them.

As mentioned before, AncestryDNA recently launched in the UK and Ireland – revolutionising the way that people can discover more about themselves and their family history and also connect with relatives.

AncestryDNA is offered by Ancestry – the world’s largest online family history resource – and uses advanced DNA technology to reveal genetic ethnicity and uncover new family connections with other people who have taken the test.

Would you be intrigued to find out where your roots are really from? You might even find some cousins along the Ancestry connects you to anyone else who has done the same test!

To explore your own genetic history and maybe even make a trip to your countries of origin, just go to AncestryDNA for your DNA test kit.

Ana xx


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