Friday, 6 May 2016

A weekend in Bath


LENGTH OF MY STAY: 1 day / weekend trip
BEST FOOD: Steak lunch at Miller & Carter
INTERESTING FACT: Bath’s streets were given a starring role in Hollywood movies such as The Duchess, Les Miserables and Jane Austen’s Persuasion.


The Roman Baths The Roman Baths is a museum and one of the finest historic sites in Northern Europe, but also one of the most popular tourist attractions in the UK. It really is an amazing place to see…with the combination of the set up, actors walking around and the very good and concise audieo guide, you feel like you have really stepped back in time. Walking through the halls and seeing the very well preserved ruins, you get a sense of what it was really like back in the day. Allow about two hours for your visit, and make sure you grab the audio guide! I usually find these boring, but this one was just perfect!

Entry for adults is £15.

Pulteney Bridge – One of my favourite sights in Bath, this antique-looking bridge crosses the River Avon and was built by 1774. It’s quite small, but a lovely sight, especially the tiny cafes, flower shops and restaurants that are INSIDE the bridge…you can see the river through their little windows and it’s very cute. Best photo angle is from the other side if you walk a little away from the bridge and along the river.

Royal CrescentThe Royal Crescent is a row of 30 terraced houses laid out in a sweeping crescent and the spot makes for a fab photo alongside some of Bath’s stunning architecture.

Jane Austen Centre - The Jane Austen Centre at 40 Gay Street is a permanent exhibition, which tells the story of Jane Austen’s Bath experience – the effect that visiting, and living in the city had on her and her writing.

Thermae SpaThermae Bath Spa is a combination of the historic spa and a contemporary building. The queues here get up to two hours long, so I would recommend coming first thing in the morning or around 2:30/3pm as that is the quietest time. The busiest time is after 5pm as that is when most people visit to view the sunset from the rooftop pool. Prices for two-hour entry that include robes and slippers are £37 per person, but if you pre-book a treatment you may skip the queue!


Colonna & Smalls (for the coffee lovers!)
6 Chapel Row, Bath BA1 1HN
Don’t be deceived by the size or location of this little gem – for it’s one of the most popular spots in Bath. A little contemporary cafe with minimalist décor, they offer specialty coffees alongside various cakes. Some of the coffee flavours are pretty adventurous, if you like to try something new. They also have a tiny garden in the back, which is lovely to sit in when it’s sunny.

Miller & Carter SteakHouse
23 Milsom Street, Bath BA1 1DE
Beef is a labour of love at Miller & Carter steakhouses. Only the finest, most flavoursome cuts make your plate. Our premium - graded beef is sourced from carefully selected cattle reared on sustainable British and Irish farms. It's then matured for at least 30 days, hand-prepared by their master butcher and expertly cooked. We stumbled upon this restaurant by accident so it was a pleasant surprise!

Lock Fyne
24 Milsom St, Bath BA1 1DG
If you love seafood, this is the place for you. Upscale chain restaurant, serving sustainably sourced British fish & seafood, plus some meat dishes.

Bea’s Vintage Tearoom (reservation recommended)
5-8 Saville Row, Bath BA1 2QP
A trip to Bath wouldn’t be complete without a traditional British afternoon tea. There are many big and small places to choose from, but for a great vintage-feel and tasty treats, head to the classic Bea’s Vintage Tearoom. Close to all city sights, Bea’s Tearoom décor features some cool wartime posters, the staff is dressed in retro clothing and your tea will be served in vintage tea sets.

We drove from London to Bath, leaving at around 8am. It would usually take around 3.5 hours to get there, with normal traffic. As it was a Bank Holiday, we parked on Gay Street that was very central but if you go on a regular weekend you may have to pay parking fees, or find a parking lot through your satnav.

We then walked everywhere with CityMapper and it was fairly quick and easy as the city centre is very small. You will get the most out of strolling around, rather than taking the Hop On and Off Bus as Bath is much more charming to experience on foot!

Bath is actually pretty close to Castle Cary and the famous site where Glastonbury festival is held. If you fancy going to the festival, check out my post here on top tips and advice (I’ve been six times!). Not that it’s as easy as I make it sound, to get a ticket…

In addition to the Roman Baths and Thermae Spa, there are the Cross Baths which are located just across Thermae Spa. The Cross Baths is an intimate open-air thermal bath in a separate building with its own changing facilities.

According to the website, the current location of the baths is where the Celts revered their goddess Sul, in whoes honour the Romans named their spa town, Aquae Sulis. The Cross Bath is now recognised as an official sacred site.

You can book an inividual place or hire the bath exclusively for up to 12 people. The Thermae Bath catering team can also provide light bites, soft drinks and Champagne!

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