Wednesday, 9 March 2016

A weekend in Berlin

Berlin is one of the cities I've always wanted to go to, after hearing some really cool stories from my mum and especially about the Berlin wall that came down in the year I was born.

My friend had been working there for a month so I decided to book a ticket and see her over a weekend. It was a very quick visit (Friday night to Sunday night) but the flight times were perfect and it was just enough time to get the vibe for the city and have a relaxing time. My ticket was around £100 with Ryanair.

At the Berlin Wall

I think people go to Berlin for different reasons - some to party 24 hours at the notorious techno club Barghain, others to spend their days in the many galleries and exhibitions, and some like me to taste the best foods and feel like the city is their home for a few days.

I didn't think too much or plan too much, but just went with the flow the entire time and let my friend take me to some cool bars, cafes and restaurants.

Not surprisingly, there were a lot of things like this around Berlin :) We were staying in a very cool apartment near the Potsdamer Strase street which is essentially by the red light district!

On our way to one of Berlin's big vintage kilo markets, we had ourselves the legendary Currywurst, which to be honest, was not that impressive. I was a bit disappointed, couldn't even taste any curry flavour! It was basically a big frankfurter with chips...but if you love that sort of thing definitely try it! I just think Berlin has A LOT more to offer when it comes to food.

Street art is literally EVERYWHERE!

One of the many rails at the vintage kilo shop...somewhere where you have to trawl through the rubbish to find that one gem!

These photo booths are everywhere around Berlin...they are awesome because they are the retro black & white types and so cheap (3 euros). These are probably my favorite thing about the city!

Another cute cafe and vegetarian burger restaurant near Mauerpark

The Berlin Wall photo had to creep its way in here...

The East Side Gallery is a great place to see a huge chunk of the wall and explore the artwork

We spent most of or time eating and drinking our way through Berlin (tea, I might add) and I found this the best way to explore the city. We stumbled upon the cutest little bar and cafe in Kreuzberg called Mano

Berlin is such a chilled out city...the pace here is very slow and there are parks everywhere. You can even rent a little boat or go a little more adventurous and hire a kayak

We also  checked out Kimchi Princess for dinner, a brilliant Korean restaurant where we had our own BBQ on the table, plus lots of colourful sides that we demolished within minutes!

We spent our Sunday at the Mauerpark area where we browsed the antique market and listened to people let loose and karaoke in front of thousands!

Would you be brave enough to sing in front of these people? It was pretty cool to watch singers and dancers from all over the world, just having fun and being cheering on by the crowd. Great atmosphere!

We also had a few bites to eat at the 19th Century market hall in trendy Kreuzberg called Markthalle IX, where we nibbled on everything from Japanese pastries (above) and Greek tasting bites, to ice cream and apple juice.

Click here for more Berlin food market recommendations...

Anna had her poached eggs and bacon in a delicious soft bun

The Berlin subway is really easy to navigate and so cheap...well everything here is a lot cheaper than in London! I highly recommend taking a weekend trip to the city and just exploring it on foot, especially in Kreuzberg.

Embrace the chilled out vibe, stop at every cafe or restaurant that tickles your fancy and don't forget to visit one of the many parks, as well as something touristy like Checkpoint Charlie (just because you have to!).


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