Sunday, 6 December 2015

Exploring Notting Hill Carnival

I know...This post is more than a little late. I’ve been a little busy exploring, and am totally guilty of neglecting the blog this summer. I’ve also had a lot of life changes, all for the good, and have been focusing on forging happinness, proving to myself that it really is a choice.

But enough about that…I wanted to share with you some photos from August’s Notting Hill Carnival, an event I have been going to for years now. It truly is a very unique event that captures one of the many cultural spirits of London.

Despite the transport nightmare where you spend hours trying to get out because every station is shut, walking through the crowds and feeling the energy is always fun.

That’s why the best thing to do is go early, be prepared for anything, be positive and take your time. There is no point getting annoyed about the masses of crowds because you will not enjoy it.

Dress up, take in the atmosphere, have a drink or two, enjoy taking some photos of the fun costumes and don’t forget to have a bit of good traditional jerk chicken.

If you’re in the mood, you could join in on the carnival dance with the crowds and follow the speakers wherever the music takes you…

Above all, drink responsobly, be safe, keep your money safe, be mindful of others, be patient and of course, have fun.

Images taken by Miles Blayden Ryall

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