Saturday, 2 May 2015

Krispy Kreme ChocoLATE

Hello there! I've been a little absent of late...if I'm honest, this thing called life got in the way! But I'm BACK and oh look here is ANOTHER food post...what can I say, I eat a lot! I promise there will be lots more dreamy shopping posts and beauty bits up very soon.

For now...let me take you on a special and pretty epic experience I had this week. It was pretty much the best Monday you could have wished for.

Krispy Kreme invited a few of us to the Ham Yard Hotel (if you haven't been there you must go!) for an intimate sit down four course dinner...but with a twist! Yes, as you may have guessed, every course was made up of one of their new limited edition chocomania doughnuts, plus a paired cocktail.

We each had our own spot at the table, alongside some scrumptious chocolate scented Krispy Kreme perfume...yup I spritzed that on straight away. The room looked impeccable, and there were so many beautiful details everywhere...who would have thought a doughnut eating evening would be oh so fancy and very chic? Remember...Krispy Kreme doughnuts are actually considered premium!

As you can see this was a pretty amazing dining experience...I won't lie-there was a A LOT of chocolate and I felt little uneasy come 9pm, but I was pretty much in heaven from beginning to end. 

As each doughnut was served, the head of development told us all about the process of making these little slices of goodness, and lots of cool facts about Krispy Kreme you may not know (scroll down to find out!).

The below was the first course - the Krispy Kreme Chocolate Hazelnut Kreme Doughnut (closest thing to Nutella filled!). Served with my favourite cocktail that evening - an Amaretto, single cream, semi skimmed milk, chocolate syrup concoction garnished with chocolate syrup and finely crushed hazelnuts.

Bravo to the Krispy Kreme and Ham Yard Hotel team for creating these incredible flavour combos, seriously impressed and hoping the hotel will add it to their bar menu.

The third course was my favourite...the Chocolate Cake doughnut. OH MY GOODNESS!! It was basically cake, but better. The texture and density was different to what you would normally think, and I devoured this gem in seconds. Get in there!!

The cocktails were incredible - I just wish I could have stomached every single one! The one below was paired with the Chocolate and Honeycomb doughnut. It contained Baileys Irish Cream, Jack Daniels honey, Green and Blacks hot chocolate, skimmed milk, whipped cream and a honeycomb stirrer. 

WOW!! You could really taste every single flavour note in there. I'm hoping to get hold of the recipes for you.

During the evening we tasted the below:

  • Krispy Kreme Chocolate Hazelnut Kreme
  • Krispy Kreme Chocolate Krispy Doughnut
  • Krispy Kreme Triple Chocolate Cake (my favourite)
  • Krispy Kreme Chocolate and Honeycomb

We even had our very own Krispy Kreme doughnut making station...with plenty of adventurous sprinkle choices. I made a custard filled one sprinkled with four different toppings.

A few Krispy Kreme Facts straight to you from the team:

  1. Chocolate Hazelnut Kreme is currently the nation’s favourite out of the Choco Mania range and inspired by our secret addiction to Nutella
  2. Our signature Original Glazed doughnut is still created using the same secret recipe that we startedwith in 1937 
  3. We make doughnuts fresh every day. From hand-dipping the doughnuts to sprinkling and piping the decorative finishes, Krispy Kreme’s skilled product teams work tirelessly to ensure each doughnut is unique and tastes just right
  4. To create our Krispy Kreme doughnut it takes around 90 minutes from brew to being picked off the line, and an additional 30 minutes to be processed
  5. When creating new varieties and ranges of doughnuts we always put them through a consumer tasting panel who sample all of the new doughnuts before they are sold to the public. They give us feedback on changes, likes and dislikes so that every doughnut is perfect and tasty and we are sure they’re exactly what our customers want

Head on over to or to any of their concessions to buy all the new limited edition chocomania doughnuts.


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