Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Food: New Echo Falls Sparkling Infusion

Now I'm not one to deprive myself of anything, especially food and drink, so I did not do dry January...but I have the perfect thing for those who did...or continue to do so.

Echo Falls have just launched a delicious alcohol - free sparkling infusion. Made from a delicate combination of fermented grape juice and premium green tea infusion, the bubbly is perfect for parties or an afternoon treat. Each 100ml only has only 26 calories, and is an ideal choice for those who are driving, unable to drink or prefer not to drink but don't want to be hassled! You can sip it from a champagne glass and nobody is going to ask anything :)

We tried the bubbly infusion with some yummy afternoon tea at the trendy Ham Yard hotel in London's Soho, and it complimented it perfectly. The drink was lovely as it tasted just like a sparkling wine, just that little bit sweeter. I loved it!

Topshop coat (similar here and here)
Zara shirt
Balenciaga part time bag (similar here)


Sunday, 8 February 2015

Style: NEXT Press Day SS15

It's been a busy, busy week! Lots of press days, launch events and dinners...but I somehow managed to get to six! One of those was the NEXT SS15 press day, showcasing some handpicked highlights from their latest seasonal range delivery.

I was seriously impressed...

The womens collection was filled with beautiful colours,my favourite being the blue and burnt oranges. NEXT took tips from the runways with and incorporated the latest trends such as geometrical stripes, fringing, 70's chic, and my favourite - crochet. There were some real gems in there that could have been mistaken for designer pieces - well done NEXT!

One of the lovely white pieces with detailed fringing and little sheer stripes. Can't wait for this top to come in store! Apologies for it being a little blurry. £45

Stunning dress with sexy straps on top and at the back

There were some lovely colourful but subtle and pastel-y pieces, a little bit like candy!

Very Anya Hindmarsh-style, this clutch is so on trend! I bet it is very affordable, too.

Cute flats that go with everything

Gorgeous heels for the office

I was very impressed with the childrenswear range. I recently went to Selfridges to take a look at the Bon Point bits, and NEXT have actually nailed the neon and white cotton trends that Bon Point also has in their collection....so you get it at a fraction of the price! There were lots of adorable little rompers, skirts and combos in pretty colours that were not over the top. If I only had a kid to dress up...

Obsessed with pom poms!

Can you believe this is a kids outfit? Love it.

In the homeware section, NEXT took a lot of inspiration from far away shores to bring a sense of escapism to the home. There was lots to choose from - from nautical inspired decorations and garden accessories, to chic rope-decorated lights and minimalistic bold colours such as gold and brass/copper items. In the next few months, look out for this new 'copper blush' colour trend, according to trend setters Dulux Paints.

On the lookout for when these lights come in store...very chic

Bikini shopping in February? Bring it on!

Thank you for the invite, 'till NEXT time! ;)


Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Home Proud: Cosy scents

There is nothing I love more than the beach...but when the cold strikes in London town I try to make my home as cosy as possible, so I can wrap up warm and make it a little sanctuary for hibernation and chill time while I wait for the summer!

The perfect items for this are candles. You can virtually pick what sort of 'feeling' or mood you want to get into, scatter some of your related scents around the room and feel like you are drifting away wherever you want to be. It's funny how a little flame in a pit can transform your mood so quickly.

I've tried lots of candles including IKEA and Tesco brands which are a lot cheaper than most, and I hate to say it but you really do get what you pay for with your candle selection. The cheap candles burn out vert quickly, they only melt in the middle, and the scent is not as strong or natural...they just don't cut it.

I've never been one to want to spend a lot of money on a candle, until I tested some of the wonderful Boujies ones and was completely converted! This candle lasted for weeks, burnt all around the edges and had a very good quality strength of scent. I was really impressed and started a newfound candle appreciation and so wanted to recommend a few more lovely candles to help you relax after a hard day's work...

Are there any lovely candles you have also tried?

Jo Malone's most popular scent in a candle is like heaven...fresh sea salt tones and mineral scents of rugged cliffs unite in this woody earthiness that adds luxury to your home. The lid can also be engraved and personalised, beautiful!

Another great scent from one of my favourite brands. Their classic fragrance is hand-blended with natural waxes to create this luxurious scented candle.

I love this set of calm chamomile and sandalwood travel candles perfect to light in a hotel room to make it more homely. Cowshed candles are made from 100% natural soy wax which is a completely renewable environmentally friendly source.

Luxury Neom fragrances are made with organic ingredients and pure essential oils, working with your senses to make you feel more relaxed and energised.

A gorgeous snuffer perfect for extinguishing the flame on your new candles!

Don't forget to get a GOOD candle lighter, too! I recently bought some on eBay which were really cheap but broke after three uses which was rubbish! Pay a little more and invest in a classic, good quality candle lighter like this Zippo one which looks stylish too (bonus!). They are great for when the candles have burnt quite deep and you are unable to reach into the pot without burning your fingers.

Available in three shades. £13.75

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