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Food: Lactose-free AlproTops Breakfast Day 3 & 4

Hello there! I've been a little absent as it's Christmas, and the time to indulge in family, food and sleep...something I rarely get in the hustle and bustle of London town!

I just wanted to finish a little series of posts I have been doing, as part of my goal of finding healthy but delicious alternatives to gluten and dairy foods. 

Alpro challenged me to taste all of their Big Pot plant based yogurts - Simply Plain, Vanilla, Strawberry with Rhubarb and Lemon & Lime, so I experimented with different toppings every day to make my breakfast little more adventurous.

They sent me a lovely hamper with every flavour, plus lots and lots of pots filled with different healthy but delicious toppings to choose from. You can check out my posts on Day 1 and Day 2 by clicking on each. 

Scroll down to see the rest...hope you like my topping combos!

zz on Make A Gif

By day 3 I started to get a little more adventurous and wasn't really thinking about the different combinations I put together...I wanted to see whether the yoghurt on it's own as a dominant flavour would be enough to be able to mix almost anything with it...and it did work as whatever I put in, it still tasted amazing!

Some of the ingredients like the chia seeds were a little chewy, but I really liked the big pieces of fruit which were quite filling.

The yoghurt was also a great snack or pudding alternative.

The doilies are hand made, vintage coasters I got at a small market in a church in Hackney. They were only £5 and look really pretty on the table even with no glasses on them :)

You can buy them on eBay (click to go through) or Etsy, too.

I can't actually remember where I found this beautiful faux lavender bunch, but it's been sitting on the shelf in my bathroom to brighten it up a little. The gorgeous framed pressed flowers are from an Etsy seller called Mingo Gardens, and make a great gift. Each is a one-off unique item, so I got really lucky with this stunning frame!

The bowl was a gift from Alpro, but you can find similar ones at Anthropologie.

All the Alpro flavours

The gorgeous framed pressed flowers are from an Etsy seller called Mingo Gardens.

Dark Chocolate - Powerful source of antioxidants (yes it's good for you, but only dark!)

Cinnamon Cinnamon helps control your blood sugar, which influences your risk of heart disease

Dried MangoRich in Vitamin C which is 80% daily value. Vitamin C has an important role in boosting the body's immune system to prevent diseases. Also, it promotes faster healing of wounds

Dried CranberryCranberry juice and cranberries are often recommended for the prevention and treatment of urinary tract and bladder infections. They are indeed highly calorific and sugary, so eat in small amounts

I really hope that my recommendations will inspire you to be more adventurous with your brekkies, or to just try using several different ingredients with one of the delicious Alpro yoghurts!

Everyone is different, and that means everyone's digestive system is very different...I can't possibly know what suits you best or what your tummy likes but it's always worth trying new things to figure that good luck and I hope that I can help you find healthier, delicious alternatives to your favourite foods.


Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Food: Christmas Tipples Recipes

Here's the perfect excuse to enjoy another little festive drink in-between Christmas and New Year's Eve...or just after some tiring shopping on Boxing Day!

Created by World Duty Free, these gorgeous cocktails sound delicious and look really easy to make. They would definitely earn you some host or hostess brownie points, too. These pictures are so gorgeous they make me want to invest in some serious vintage cocktail glasses asap!

A fruity, indulgent treat, featuring Ciroc Red Berry vodka, blackberry liqueur and fresh lemon juice that is sure to get everyone in the mood for the seasonal festivities.

40ml Ciroc Red Berry
15ml fresh lemon juice
10ml Creme de Mure*
5ml sugar syrup
10ml egg white

*Blackberry liqueur

Angostura bitters
Icing sugar

Preparation method
Shake ingredients without ice (dry shake). Then add plenty of ice and shake hard. Fine strain into a chilled coupe glass. To garnish, add a drop of Angostura bitters or alternatively, place a raspberry on top with a dusting of icing sugar.

A twist on the seasonal favourite that is quick and simple to make. The perfect sharing drink for festive celebrations that is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

300ml full fat milk
300ml Baileys Irish
4 egg yolks
150ml Maple Syrup
1 tsp cinnamon powder
1 tsp allspice powder

Freshly grated nutmeg
Chocolate swizzlestick

Preparation method:
In a blender combine the milk and a few scoops of ice and blend util smooth. In a separate bowl mix the egg yolks, cinnamon, allspice and maple syrup. Combine all ingredients in the blender and blend again. Pour into a glass and dust with grated nutmeg. Garnish with a
chocolate swizzlestick and serve.

A decadent indulgent cocktail with rich notes of raisin, chocolate and leather that embodies the spirit of 19th century Paris in all its splendour.

50ml Courvoisier Extravagance (Travel Exclusive)
10ml Benedictine DOM
5ml Chartreuse VP
Absinthe spray

Rosemary sprig

Preparation method:
Stir the ingredients over ice in a mixing glass or tin. Strain over ice into a brandy balloon and garnish with a sprig of rosemary. For an added touch of decadence, spray a mist of absinthe over the cocktail. If you are feeling especially brave, you may even flame the absinthe mist as you spray.

A seasonal champagne cocktail, akin to a Kir Royale with notes of spiced cranberry and pomegranate.

300ml cranberry juice
200ml pomegranate juice
300ml caster sugar
50gm mixed spice
150ml Veuve Clicquot

Orange zest
2 tsp pomegranate seeds

For the spiced syrup:
In a pan gently heat the cranberry and pomegranate juices. Stir in caster sugar and Chinese five spice powder. Do not allow to boil. Continue to stir until the sugar dissolves. Fine strain the syrup to remove the solids and allow to cool.

Preparation method:
Pour a glass of Veuve Clicquot until it’s 2/3 full. Add 20ml of the cooled spiced syrup and stir. Garnish with an orange zest and pomegranate seeds. The syrup is perfect to make ahead of a party allowing for easy cocktail assembling when guests arrive.

These recipes are courtesy of World Duty Free. 
For more information on World Duty Free products including beauty, alcohol and fashion, visit  


Sunday, 14 December 2014

Five Best *Christmas*: Gifts for The Girl who has Everything

Ah…the ‘girl who has everything’ …a guy’s worth nightmare to buy for. What to get? Subscription packages are always great fun, and there are so many out there to choose from now. I think this is such a great gift if you can afford it, as it’s one that keeps on giving and she will get a surprise every month. Take a look below for a few other ideas…and you will NEVER go wrong with a designer pair of shoes, EVER.

1. One Line a Day Memory Book. £11.95

2. Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120. £425

3. My Little Box Subscription. £11 per month

4. Bloom & Wild Three Month Flower Subscription. £50


Five Best *Christmas*: Quirky Gifts

Unusual and quirky gitst are guaranteed to bring a smile to someone’s face, and some of the below top 5 are great ideas for Secret Santa presents or just for a friend.

1. I'm Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry T Shirt from Etsy. £14.99

2. Every Day I'm Hustlin' Mug from Etsy. £11.10

3. Novelty Camper Van Photo Frame. £10.99

4. Undercover Secret Tablet Sleeve (From a website called Bouf - some really cool stuff there!). £16.95

5. Moonlight Hun Pillow (Another one from Bouf). £89.10


Five Best *Christmas*: Gifts for the Home

Perfect for someone who has just bought or moved into a new home, as a little token of celebration or gift that will remind them of their friend/partner whenever they use it or look at it. 

People absolutely love receiving gifts for their home as they usually can’t afford to add to it, but be extra careful when choosing colour schemes and patterns as it will need to match with everything else they own.

1. French Bedroom Company's The Defaced Duchess. £183 for small size

2. 3 Drawer Clear Vanity Organiser. £23.09

3. Zara Home Embroidered Denim Decorative Quilt. £79.99

4. Nordic House Clear Glass and Rope Hurricane Lamp. £34

5. Zara Home Iron Teapot. £29.99

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