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Travel: Inspiring Istagrammers

I'm obsessed with any kind of imagery, so Instagram is a natural daily (and guilty) addition when it comes to social media. I follow bloggers, tattoo artists, photographers, mums, shops, celebs, and of course, lots and lots of travellers.

Here is my little list of the ones you should follow...I guarantee they will all inspire you!

One of my favourites to follow...expect a feed filled with adorable babies, beautiful homeware and colours, endless Bali adventures and plenty of humour. A Brit who married an Ozzy, she shares her daily Balinise life, amazing home and endless adventures with her little brood. Warning: You WILL want to leave the UK for a tropical country after following her!
A photo posted by Claire Alexander-Johnston (@jetsetmama) on

You may have already heard of this couple, or seen one of their stunning pictures. They travel the world photographing it in their own unique way, with Murad holding his stunning girlfriend's hand in every image with striking backgrounds. It almost makes you feel like you are there.

This lady fulfilled her dream of visiting Paris and then decided to stay there. Follow her Instagram for down to earth accounts of a foreigner's fascination with the city of Love, where she shares anything that she finds pretty, interesting, delicious or intriguing. Great inspiration for your next trip to Paris or just for some French decor ideas!
A photo posted by Carin Olsson (@parisinfourmonths) on

A proper 'lumbersexual' as the current trend would label him, this guy lives by the 'home is where you park it' motto. Foster Huntington left his job and moved out of his New York apartment to hit the road in his VW Vanagon. In two years he traveled more than 80,000 miles surfing, and meeting other people who were also living in their vans. He now has a book, and his Instagram is filled with wild adventures.

A photo posted by Foster Huntington (@fosterhunting) on

Perhaps an obvious one to follow, but let's not undermine the stunning photography work shared here from the company's many will get access to things you'd only dream of seeing, and their educational texts will inspire you to make that happen.

One of many travel bloggers, Nelly will take you on a regular-girl-gone-travel junkie adventure filled with pretty colours, delicious food and great photography spots. There's the occasional competition,too.

Another travel blogger, this time a lover of nature, greenery and beaches. She also posts occasional mini videos showing her followers where she is at the time.
A photo posted by Kate McCulley (@adventurouskate) on

Taken with an iPhone, this couple's intriguing photos give you access to the most interesting parts of the world, the non-touristy little towns, the curious places you don't see in the guidebook, and the beautiful smiling people along with it all. They also provide lovely and thoughtful descriptions alongside every image, giving you little nuggets of information.

She calls herself 'the master of Europe' and so she seems to be! Follow this travel blogger for European adventures to the expected, AND the unexpected including my beautiful country Bosnia. I really hope that travel bloggers like this will inspire people to explore more of Eastern Europe and discover it's cultural and natural beauty.
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Michael is a National Geographic photographer. 'Nuff said.
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This travel blogger incorporates her love of fashion, food and sense of extreme adventure into a never ending stream of envy for us all!! Her most recent trip was to Iceland, my 2nd home.

Travel round the world in thousands of dishes and see if food alone can inspire you to go to a different country!

Follow Contiki to find your next adventure holiday, a company that creates fun holiday activities and packages tailored to what you like, whether you want adventure or you're a proper beach bum! Emphasis here is on the 'you only live once' motto so be careful as you will want to go to every place they present to you! Great for when you have a certain amount of money saved up and want more for your buck but aren't sure how to go about it.

Beautiful real time photos from this American blogger living in New Zealand.
A photo posted by Liz Carlson (@youngadventuress) on

Last but not least...I'll be a little cheeky and remind you of my own Instagram account where I share everything from fashion, food, beauty, London adventures and travel escapades!



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