Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Style: iPhone 6 cases

Yipeeee I just got an iPhone 6! I've had it for over two weeks already but am still so excited...this is mainly because I have never had an iPhone (cue shock, horror...)!!!

It was always too expensive, but after finding a great deal as a new customer with Vodafone, I am now only paying £30 a month for 1GB of data, unlimited texts and 600 minutes. Perfect! I got the gold version, and have so far had so much fun with lots of apps. The best feature by far has got to be the camera - everything is so much clearer, and there are numerous settings to make your images look amazing, including light adjustment.

I'm still getting used to the slippery sides, and really need to get a cover to protect the case and hopefully the screen...I really, really hope mine doesn't break like everyone else's (Apple why haven't you done something about this??).

Here are some really pretty iPhone 6 covers I have found so far...

Most of these are from a website called Society 6, and you will be ale to get the prints on even more products such as duvets, computer cases, clocks, mugs, etc. The website is similar to Etsy but it caters to artists who create prints for items...pretty cool and the below cases are all only $15.

Adopted, £25.22

Sonix Calico, £22.07

Adopted, £25.22

As I'm not actually sure just how much protection the above may offer, you could also opt for the classics such as a clear rubber case, or a nice bumper like the below.



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