Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Food: Lactose-free AlproTops Breakfast Day 2

When Alpro got in touch and challenged me to taste all of their Big Pot plant based yogurts - Simply Plain, Vanilla, Strawberry with Rhubarb and Lemon & Lime, I couldn't wait to try them all and experiment with different toppings every day to make my breakfast little more adventurous.

They sent me a lovely hamper with every flavour, plus lots and lots of pots filled with different healthy but delicious toppings to choose of the things I received was this adorable little box alongside the various toppings in cute little labelled boxes which was really handy.

Alpro's soya alternative to yogurt, with it's mild taste and smooth texture, is delicious on its own or with fruit, granola, seeds, nuts, etc. It is 100% plant based and rich in plant protein, is naturally low in saturated fat and sugar, lactose and gluten-free, and contains calcium, vitamins B12 and D. 

The little pots Alpro sent me were all labelled and made mixing things up even easier and more fun...try separating all your toppings in small dishes or inside cups like these to make it quicker in the all you have to do is scoop with a spoon rather than opening up packets individually.

On day 2 of my adventurous breakfast experiment, I went a little lighter than I did on Day 1 (when I went a little crazy on the combos!). I used the Vanilla big pot flavour as a base (my favourite!) and added dark chocolate swirls, cinnamon powder, chia seeds, and goji berries.

Dark ChocolatePowerful source of antioxidants (yes it's good for you, but only dark!)

Cinnamon Cinnamon helps control your blood sugar, which influences your risk of heart disease

Chia Seeds - Among the most nutritious foods on the planet...they are full of finer, protein, Omega-3 fatty acids and various antioxidants

Goji Berries - The real deal...A standard 100gm serving of goji berries fills your body with vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K along with various essential minerals. They also contain high concentrations of proteins and amino acids, and have been known to boost human’s immunity against various diseases, improve eye health, and protect liver and kidneys

Although some of the ingredients I chose in this combo were very simple and didn't necessarily add to the flavour, the Vanilla base provided what was missing and it was delicious. I always struggle to chew goji berries but try to eat them whoever I remember due to their many health benefits!

It's really easy to add little things to our daly meals such as these seeds, super foods and little we should always try to eat them. Keep pots of them on your desk at work and then just add whenever it feels right with your lunch!

Come back in a couple of days for a few more of my #AlproTops creations!


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