Thursday, 18 September 2014

Beauty: UK's International Spas

We all get the holiday blues and usually need yet another holiday to top that up...but what if you could make yourself feel just a little better by popping into a spa inspired by a country of your choice?

The Good Spa Guide has selected a handful of spas which bring the therapeutic traditions of distant lands right here to the UK. I'm pretty impressed with the offering we have, and the prices aren't too bad either.

Take on the Turkish Delight at the Turkish Baths, Harrogate
Turkish Spa Body Ritual, £72.50 for 90 minutes

Inspired by traditional Mediterranean and Eastern bathing culture, this cleansing, purifying and nourishing body ritual encourages an overall sense of well-being, vitality. Incorporating a stimulating volcanic scrub consisting of minute lava particles to smooth and revitalise skin and an energising body massage using warm jojoba oil infused with essential oils of basil, orange and bergamot.  This effective renewing treatment is recommended for men and women and is the perfect way to bring some exoticism into life without leaving the country!   

Embark on an Indian Adventure at Ayush Wellness Spa, Jersey 
Padaghata £75.00 for 55 minutes

Padaghata means ‘pressure by foot’ during this treatment a highly skilled therapist will massage the entire body using only the feet. Gentle pressure is applied to release tension and ease movement of the joints. Housed within this beautiful Ayurvedic Spa, this is perfect for those looking for escapism similar to India. Ayush Wellness Spa feels and smells like being on the subcontinent and adding to this most of the therapists are from India and have Ayurvedic training taking your senses straight to the sensuous hot aired country.

Get Real in Russia at K Spa at K West Hotel, London 
Venik massage £25.00 for 30 minutes

This treatment replicates a Russian bath house ritual, this involves moving between the heat of the sauna and the snows of a Russian Winter! The Russian Birch branches are soaked in therapeutic oils and with specific tapotement movements, are used across the body to easy muscle tension and remove toxins. 

Travel to Madagascar at Lion Quays Waterside Resort, Shropshire
Red Island Ritual, £65.00 for 60 minutes

This treatment has been inspired by the magical island of Madagascar, powdered fruit seeds of orange and apricot with essential oils, spices and vegetable oils are used to polish and perfect the skin. The treatment is then followed by a delightfully relaxing massage with warm oils and a unique wooden relaxer. The therapist focuses on areas of tension and stress to energise and restore vitality and take your mind to beaches far away.

Trek to Thailand at the SenSpa at Careys Manor, Hampshire
Experience the traditional Thai Massage, £76.00 for 60 minutes

The beautifully traditional Thai massage has been practised for centuries to deeply relax the mind and body - giving you a true taste of Thailand. Your therapist uses thumbs, palms, knees and feet to gently stretch your muscles, through movement and manipulation of your limbs, making this a complete rhythmic and relaxing massage experience.(A fully clothed massage - you will be provided with Thai pyjamas to wear during your treatment).

Make your way to Morocco at The Spa in Dolphin Square, London Moroccan Majorelle, £139.00 for 85 minutes

Through terracotta and gold walls, vibrant silk cushions and brilliant red fabrics, you enter a world of Moorish charm. You will feel as if you’ve been whisked away to Morocco for a few hours of relaxation and pampering. The Moroccan Majorelle features a body cleanse from head to toe in the purifying Hammam, before rich honey is applied to the face. Rhassoul lava clay from the Moroccan Atlas Mountains is lavishly applied to cleanse the hair and scalp, whilst you enjoy a relaxing head massage. Finally drift away with a signature massage to leave the skin and body feeling renewed from top to toe.


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