Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Beauty: Christian Louboutin

Well it's about time! Mr Louboutin has finally created his iconic colour in the form of a beauty product. The red paint every girl has come to know and desire can now be bought by the bottle in the form of a new nail varnish (just don't try to paint your soles like he did back in 1992!).

But this nail varnish will probably be the most special one in your collection, with a bottle as stunning as his shoe designs. The Rouge Louboutin has a dramatic 20.5 inch lid, matching with the height of his Ballerina Ultima shoe, the tallest ever heel created in collaboration with David Lynch.

“The molded glass bottle is inspired by architecture, namely classical balustrades found in European buildings from the 17th and 18th century,” said Christian. 

The exciting nail varnish will be available on 14th of August, with the rest of the range (30!) available in Selfridges for only a week on the 25th August. Only downside is that they are £36 each...but I still really want one!


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