Saturday, 30 August 2014

Food: Oatly's Break-Fest Day Festival

Today I went to a little event in Brockwell Park...I never usually venture out that far South as I live in North London but I was really excited to check this one day foodie festival out. It was held by Swedish brand Oatly, who make delicious oat milk and oat milk based products - perfect for lactose intolerants like me!

I took myself down to the festival where I met some cute bunnies, made my own Oatly fruit smoothie, had yummy pancakes and listened to the amazing Kyla La Grange sing.

One of the show jumping bunnies (I assure you it was all very regulated!)

Leather Jacket Zara
T Shirt Twenty8Twelve
Jeans Zara
Sunglasses Karen Walker

There were BEDS!!!

Just in case you get too comfy...

Oatly's chocolate drink...yum!

The gorgeous Kyla la Grange (Remember 'Cut Your Teeth'?)

oatly on Make A Gif


Thursday, 28 August 2014

Five Best: Autumn-ready lip balms

Alright there's no denying it...Autumn is here. The sun is gone...the leaves have fallen and the rain is constant...but on the plus side we get to use lots of new and exciting beauty products.

I think the most important one to always have in your handbag is the good old trusty lip balm. As soon as it gets colder and dryer, our lips need a little more care day to day, to prevent chapping and soreness and maintain a lovely kissable pout! Here is my round up of the best lip balms out there which will last you for ages, and will effectively combat dry lips.

1. Carmex Lip Balm Pot, £1.79. The good old favourite Carmex keeps your lips hydrated, saving them all winter.

2. Lotil Lip Care Balm, £1.29. This rich, hydrating lip balm has a 30SPF, and helps soothe and moisturise lips all year round with the brand's 100 year tested formula for dry skin relief.

3. Lucas Papaw Ointment, £5.25. This popular celeb beauty secret contains fresh fermented pawpaw and Carica Papaya L and is a multi purpose Australian brand balm that can be used on lips, minor burns, sunburn, bites and even small cuts.

4. Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips, £11.50. Formulated for those who need some extra TLC for their super dry and chapped lips, but can also be used on dry skin, eczema, cuticles, burns and sore nipples for new mommas. This 100% natural balm is also commonly used by make up artists to add gloss to cheeks, eyebrows or lips.

5. Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm, £3.69 . This is seriously one of the most amazing lip balms I have ever used. It's effective enough without making your lips too dependent on it, but it's also soft and subtle enough so it doesn't feel sticky or 'caked on' like some others do. My favourite!


Monday, 25 August 2014

London: Exploring Portobello on a Friday

Portobello Road and market is one of London'smost popular must visit shopping areas, and by far my favourite. It's a real shame that the swarms of tourists in the summer pretty much block out the streets and walkways, so it's hard to enjoy the beauty of exploring every nook and cranny here, including the lovely cafes and restaurants.

I would recommend to everyone to go on a Friday if possible...Saturday is the busiest and hardly anyone goes on the Friday...but the plus side is that everything will still be open. I took a day off to explore and meet up with a friend for coffee and really enjoyed it...check out what I found on the way (and had to refrain myself from buying!)

Vintage sweet and food tins are cheap and make for great colourful storage tins in the kitchen

See? Empty :)

You can find new things and old are lots of cute vintage silver trinkets for necklaces or charm bracelets

Great gift finds

Even if you don't buy a lot of vintage, Portobello is almost like a treasure trove or museum for some beautiful antique garments - pretty to look at!

Door knobs, mini bottles, kitchen utensils...Portobello has it all

My favourite homeware store

Lots of stalls fill the streets where you can get inexpensive gems and gifts

These letter boxes make great decorations on the wall

I managed to snap this before I was told off by the vendor!!

If you are looking for a cool camera, this is the place

One area of the market, filled with new and vintage clothing

A sweet ending to the day with fresh juice and handmade cake at Granger & Co (Great for celeb spotting!)


Home Proud: Urban Outfitters gems

Urban Outfitters have some of the best gifts on the British high street, and they have finally revamped their stock for the season. Everything was getting a little boring and repetitive in the homes and gifts isle so I was excited to spot some of these little inexpensive gems...Buy them for yourself or for a friend's birthday!


Sunday, 24 August 2014

Home Proud: Erin Wasson's new house

“I would describe my style as a woman channeling Jonny Cash mixed in with a little Rod Stewart pre-disco days and a little sweetheart of the rodeo hanging out at the beach.”

I love Erin. I love her hair, her style, her eyes, her talent, her persona, her boho chic cool, and most of all her homes! I posted about her NYC converted warehouse before, and it seems that she has only gone and bought herself a nice big house now!

Her cool boho vintage style has transported itself into this new home, with even more spaces and nooks and crannies for her beautiful collections to be displayed. It's not for everyone, but I love just how messy it looks! I particularly can't wait to buy myself one of those 70's fan wicker chairs one day.

Where can you buy stuff like this? It's one of those things that probably takes years as everything Erin has is a collector's piece...and that's exactly how you get it! The best places to look are:

If you are ever in Italy, and in Rome, they have a great little antique market near the main market (Campo de Fiori) where everything is really cheap!

And here is a little peak at her Venice home (seriously how many houses does this chick have?)

Images via One Kings Lane and The Coveteur

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