Thursday, 10 July 2014

Home Proud: Shoe/wardrobe inspiration

Whether you have a tiny cute apartment or a whole room to fill with your goodies (I feel a little embarrassed) there are lots of ways to make it your own, with a little more charm and chic. Making my closet look nice inspires my daily wardrobe choices, and I really enjoy changing the decor a little every six months or so to freshen it up!

Here is some inspiration for you too...

Mix items on shelves (Ikea's Billy series is great) to make it look more interesting

Hang your hats for extra drama (and organisation :) ) or even display your favourite items like in a store if you have enough space

Ikea have a great sturdy clothes rail that I use that's similar to this one...great for small spaces, excess clothes or coats you want to be able to grab quickly

If you're into the hippy vibes, use the items you already have to display jewellery

Having all your shoes on display will keep reminding you of your fab you don't forget to wear them!

Keep your most precious or delicate shoes in their boxes to ensure no dust gets to those pretty heels

There are so many ways to display jewellery, and it's easy to get lots of cute hangers on your wall and miss match them wherever you want. I also wrote about vintage vanity trays you can use for perfumes, like the one in this picture (Get them on eBay)

If you are able to install wardrobes in your home, it can be really space saving like this rail that has been bolted into the wall. Create a dramatic effect with a large intricate mirror

I love how this plain ladder has been used with the could also hang your scarves on a ladder

Another hippy home inspiration...funny how a little bit of organised mess can look so pretty

Get shelves like this in Ikea (Billy range) for really cheap and proudly display your shoe collection

If you are limited to space, use Ikea's hanging shelves inside your closet

I love how this display has almost been made into a piece of art or furniture!

You can use closets as shoe shelves, if you would prefer to keep them all out of sight

Another pretty display

A girl can dream...who else has a couch in their closet?

Another great example of an inbuilt closet (a very open on though) inside a bedroom

There are companies who specialise in creating the perfect wardrobe for you...whatever your space size or needs

So pretty


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