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Food: Gluten-free snacking

Like many people, I have a slight wheat and dairy intolerance. It's probably the most common intolerance people have, and some never even notice...others have to put up with more extreme side effects and therefore resort to eating gluten-free and dairy-free foods.

From my experience so far, gluten-free foods can be rather boring, bland and expensive, but with the recent 'health trend' came lots of new brands that are starting to offer cheaper options and more importantly they are actually starting to taste good. Problem is, I think most people don't know about these brands or just resort to what they find in their local supermarket which tends to be limited choice.

I've started to test out some of these exciting foods and will let you know about all the different (and delicious) options you can buy...this post is my second one and is mainly looking at snacks.

Oh.My.Goodness. These are some of the most delicious crackers I've ever had...what a pleasant surprise and exactly why I did these posts. Wellaby's (another brand I didn't know about before) have an extensive collection of chips for dipping, but also handy little boxes of Chips & Dips for on-the-go. The Lentil Chips are so yummy, perfect for snacking but definitely better with a dip as they can be a little dry if you eat too many (I had a whole bag to myself!). They have just the right amount of salt or seasoning and are nice and crunchy...also great for sharing as the bags are pretty big. I hope to see these in Tesco soon.

Lots of people are fans of these delicious raw Nakd bars...they're unbelievably yummy and take care of my 3pm sweet cravings. They are essentially made from natural ingredients such as fruits and nuts which are smooched together into a bar. To be fair, they are a little pricey but worth it as a healthier snack if you don't mind the natural sugar content. They're also great to take to festivals, flights or road trips.

What do you do when you are bored of the usual sweet & salty?! This Devon brand have got it nailed with some crazy hand popped gourmet popcorn flavours like Crispy Bacon & Maple Syrup, Chilli & Lime and Wasabi & Sweet Ginger. They're not all gluten-free due to the flavourings but they're pretty good treats without overdoing it (their Sweet & Salty flavour is gluten-free). I have to say some of the flavours were a little too adventurous for me but I did like the Chilli & Lime as it was a familiar taste but something a little different to snack on.

When I first saw these bars, I thought they would be really sugary due to their exterior...but I was wrong. They genuinely tasted very healthy, fruity and nutty. They also contain seeds, and come in nine quirky and yummy flavours such as this Himalayan Goji Summit, Persian Pomegranate Summit, Polynesian Coconut Breeze, and Quebec Cranberry Carnival. 

Not lactose-free but containing very little of it, this quirky ice cream pots contain 22g of whey protein (equivalent to one chicken breast, supports lean muscle growth and recovery), providing you with a bit of a guilt-free treat after the gym. It really does taste sweet and flavoursome, so you get the maximum sweetness and flavour of regular ice cream without all of the sugar, fat and calories. Available in chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavours, each 150ml tub contains just 165 calories. Apparently David Gandy, David Haye, One Direction, Sam Warburton and premiership footballers are now all incorporating the product into their fitness regime, and it can be found at a few gyms, too.

Ten Acre Crisps (check out the story behind every crisp flavour)

Most crisps will probably be gluten-free, but not completely so they may not be suitable for people with coeliac disease. These quirky Ten Acre crisps are kosher, halal and vegan-friendly and come in eight variations including When Bombay Got Spicy and The Story of When Cheese Met the Onion! The packaging is really pretty and detailed, and the flavours really tasty even though they sound a little wild! I highly recommend them, my favourite is How Chicken Soup Saved the Day - it literally tastes of chicken noodles!!!!

You all know Pom-Bears! But did you know they are gluten-free? Score! :) Great for a guilt-free snack as they are so light, too.

These cute sweets are all natural, vegan and free-from certified. Using food technology which has taken 15 years to perfect they were able to remove the meat gelatine from the sweets whilst still producing a deliciously smooth and clear consistency. There are several delicious flavours and I loved all of them. The chewy texture is slightly different to what you may be used to, but taste is just as delicious.

I hope this has helped you widen your gluten-free snack choices :) Enjoy!


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