Tuesday, 24 June 2014

A little festival inspiration

In the run up to Glastonbury this week and the jam-packed festival season ahead, Made in Chelsea’s original star and newly appointed Masterchef candidate, Millie Mackintosh, has teamed up with Sure – the UK’s number one antiperspirant – as part of its Festivals campaign to show off her favourite looks and give her top tips for making the most out of the festival experience.

All clothing is from Topshop (hooray!)

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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Travel: My summer holiday essentials

Apart from your obvious essentials like a toothbrush, make-up remover, etc. I also have the 'extras' essentials list of things I always take with me and can't love without...the things that make my holiday that little bit more special or easier.

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I'm already a convert when it comes to the 'pricy but so worth it' brand Piz Buin. This new tan accelerating sunscreen is a non sticky and non greasy formula, which absorbs instantly without leaving white marks. The weightless feel makes it perfect for fuss free application, but without compromising on the high level of protection. It can also be used on the face.

2. Hammamas cotton beach towel, £22-£35
I was recently gifted this towel and I absolutely love it. It's incredibly lightweight, pure cotton and absorbs water as much as a regular towel, making it the perfect beach accessory. The best thing about it is the fact that you can take it on short haul holidays in small luggage, and easily to the beach in your small bag, too. You can also use it as a makeshift beach cover, skirt or dress. It comes in LOTS of colours and different designs, check out their website for more options for women, kids, men and even the home. I want another one!!

If you are unfortunate enough to get bitten, Zap-It is perfect for soothing the itch. A tiny but effective piezo device that generates a harmless and mild (no stronger than a gentle pinch) low electrical impulse created by crystals to deliver harmless little ‘zaps’ which take the itch and scratch out of mozzie bites.

4. Canon 550D SLR 18M Digital Camera, Was £600, now £345
Nowadays, some people use their phones, GoPros, some retro cameras and others compact cameras when on holiday. It's incredible how much choice we have, but I always have my trusty SLR with me. It doesn't compare to any other compact camera, as this baby makes EVERYTHING look good (yes, even sweaty faces on a night out). It's a good size, not too heavy, and you can change the lenses or settings to take the most amazing holiday pictures. This one is an older model now but any SLR you get will do the trick.

5. Lonely Planet Books, £Prices vary
The Bible! I can never go without this, and I study it months prior to my trip to make sure I don't miss out on anything. Best place to buy the books is Amazon as there are always discounts on.

6. Compeed Blister Mix 5 Pain Relieving Plasters, £4.48
This. Is a GODSEND! I carry one of these genius products in every single handbag, as I now can't live without them. They are the only plasters that actually work when I get blisters from dancing, walking, hiking, etc. as you can apply them anywhere needed. They have a special cushion-y but transparent look and feel. I urge you to invest!!!

7. Gin Gins Caramel, £1.39 for a 31g box (Holland & Barret)
Theses sweets contain a massive 30% ginger per sweet and are proving very popular for travel sickness. I usually take special sickness pills but these actually worked a treat (see what I did there?) when I felt mildly uneasy on a snorkelling boat trip. Great as an alternative for those who don't like to take unnatural medicine.

8. Asos Leather Drawstring Backpack, £28
I hate big rucksacks, but can't deny their practicality, especially when on a cultural holiday! This one from Asos is stylish but has enough room for your guide book, bottle of water, bikini, and camera when on the go or on a scooter - whooosshhh!

9. Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Milk Body Butter, £27
There's nothing like that fresh smell and feeling of body butter right after a shower, and I'm a big fan of Laura Mercier's collection. I like to take a nice moisturiser with me on holiday to feel extra luxurious!

10. Estoremarket Worldwide Plug1A Multi-nation Travel Adapter, £10.99

A travel essential for everyone, but this specific plug is awesome. I got it on Amazon years ago and still use it to charge my phone, camera and even iPod as it has a usb hole.

11. Burt's Bees Super Shiny Mango Shampoo and Conditioner, £9.99
Along with luxurious moisturisers and essential suncreams, I also like to take natural shampoos and conditioners with me. It always adds to that blissful holiday feeling when you're not wearing make-up, your hair is all messed up and curly and you're eating fruit on the beach! Burt's Bees do a lovely set of Super Shiny Mango shampoo and conditioner, and they smell lovely. Fortified with Mango Seed Oil and Fig Extract, this nourishing natural hair care formula leaves my hair feeling soft, shiny and super silky (the conditioner has mango seed and avocado oils).

12. Piz Buin After Sun Soothing & Cooling Moisturising Lotion, £5.25
After sun lotions help moisturise dry skin and also help prolong your tan. It's an essential to have to make those sun hours worth it, and your tan last longer without peeling! If burnt, the best thing to use is pure Aloe Vera Gel, though.

13. Victoria's Secret Vanilla Lace Refreshing Body Mist, £12
Not as harsh as a perfume, it's the perfect spray on the beach or when you want to feel refreshed in the heat. It smells divine, sweet and sexy! Only downside is that it doesn't last long but you can spray it all over to top up.

14. KITE Abbey Sunglasses, £115
Another obvious holiday essential, but it's important to invest in a good pair of sunnies to protect your eyes properly. There is nothing worse than exposing your eyes to the sunshine through a poor UV protection. These sunnies from a new brand called KITE are cool but classic, and go with everything. I particularly like the gradient a-la-Chanel effect!

So there you have it, an unnecessarily loooong list of things I ALWAYS take on holiday. Hope some of my own discoveries will also be useful to you!


Sunday, 1 June 2014

Five Best: Body moisturisers

Beauty junkie, ultimate Essex girly girl and Pot of Stuff contributor Hayley Woolf shares her favourite body moisturisers you can buy today...

1.   There has been continuous hype around Vaseline Spray & Go since it launched last year and I can understand why.  Quite frankly, it’s the easiest and speediest way to moisturise your whole body in record time. Absorbing in seconds, instantly leaving skin soft - Spray & Go is THE beauty must-have for gals on-the-go. £4.99

2.   For those who want the scent of summer in their lives everyday then Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration SPF15 is for you.  With the English summertime bringing more showers than sunshine, I recently decided to replace my regular moisturiser with my favourite sun lotion, and I haven’t looked back. Infused with shea butter complex and mango fruit extract and with unique ‘hydrating ribbons’, the lotion provides luxurious moisture with the added bonus of having an SPF – result! Summer in a bottle and my current favourite. £14.99

3.   I absolutely LOVE Garnier Bodytonic Hydrating Lotion and it’s been a repeat purchase of mine for the last five years or so. With its invigorating citrus fragrance and non-greasy gel type texture, it’s easily absorbed and feels like it’s instantly working to moisturise and smooth the skin. When using the lotion ritually (twice daily) for 7 days I definitely noticed a difference in the smoothness of my skin. For an affordable lotion and for those who want to see instant results, I’d recommend buying this product. £5.65

4.   As well as being one of the best skincare brands out there, Decleor has an equally strong body collection and I absolutely love their Aroma Comfort Corps Moisturising Body Milk . The first time I tried this body milk was when I was given it as a gift a few years ago, and since, it’s had a few repeat purchases. Renowned for their essential oils and combination of therapeutic ingredients, when applying the lotion it instantly feels like I’m treating myself to an at-home spa experience. The lotion has a lovely light fragrance and upon application it literally leaves skin velvety soft. £26.80

5.   So I’ve got to admit, it was the name of this product that led to its purchase – Soap & Glory The Firminator Special Bikini Body Firming Formula. Hands up, I am an absolutely sucker for all brands who add a gimmicky name to their products and package them up in an attractive bottle.  However, I’ve tried various beauty items from Soap & Glory and they have all stood the test of time, and it appears The Firminator can be added to the list. Whilst I’ve only been using it for a few days, as with all Soap & Glory’s products it has a delicious scent and I’ve instantly become a fan of the slight tingly sensation. £12.00

By Hayley Woolf, Beauty PR & Beauty Junkie

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