Thursday, 8 May 2014

London: The House of Peroni May

The House of Peroni, home of the best of contemporary Italian food, drink, design and fashion is back again and for one month only. I've attended all the Peroni events before and really enjoy my time there.

The residency is now at Lincoln's Inn Fields in Holborn and free for all to attend. With a fresh selection of pioneering Italian chefs, mixologists and designers, The House transformed all four floors of a beautiful townhouse into a tantalising, immersive world of fashion forward, design-led Italian style and culture for everyone to enjoy. 

Sort of like a unique pop up bar where you will always find room to sit and chat! 

The piece at reception is my favourite

We sipped on the new Peroni bottles specially made for girls, and it somehow tasted that little bit better for me ;) The bottle design is really pretty and the drink was so refreshing that I finished it within 5 minutes...and I don't even like beer.

The House was inspired by 1963; a transformative year when Italian style became renowned across the world and the year that Carlo Peroni created Peroni Nastro Azzurro.

Trippy room with mirrors!

Upstairs there is a stunning restaurant overlooking a picturesque part of the city as well as a convivial outdoor terrace serving a selection of dishes from Monday to Saturday. 

Throughout the month, The House will feature an exciting weekly schedule of stylish Italian events which include immersive dining experiences, gelato making course, a brunch club, barista class and a silk scarf design masterclass which I was lucky to attend.

When we arrived to the workshop we were introduced to the Italian history of the silk scarf by girls from the Bespoke Atelier studio from Glasgow. After some inspiration from the 60's, we were really excited to start so quickly chose our base colours and print patterns.

My friend Annie chose purple and I chose a blush pink.

The procedure is simple but not as easy as it looks. The screen must stay still at all times, and has to be hand washed every time you want to use a different colour.

Once you choose your base colour, you have to use a heavy squidgy-type tool to press down and pull two times over the canvas to ensure the print is neat. This is probably the hardest part as the tool is slightly on the heavy side and it's tricky pushing it down at the same time as pulling it. Nevertheless, everyone did really well and all it takes is one or two pulls.

A little hand is always helpful! I chose a print with lots of flowers and herbs as I really liked the intricate detail on it.

I then used a smaller screen to print a little bird in the middle of my design. My jeans got stained in the process and some purple colour came off the screen on to my scarf...showing just how tricky it can be to work with these tools even when you're being extra careful. Art is all about being free and letting loose so if I ever do this again I'll make sure I wear something more appropriate! It definitely got messy.

After my printing was done, I fixed some of the frame and started to carefully hand paint inside of the flowers to finish off my design. 

And ta-dah, here is the finished product!

You can't see the flower colour detailing so much here but I spent a fair amount of time on it. I really, really enjoyed this workshop and it reminded me of my school days when I used to do lots of art...perhaps I've awoken a new hobby!

The before and after

I'd highly recommend you go to the house if you get the chance, and try to book in a time at the restaurant before the residency comes to an end this month!

For more information about The House of Peroni visit:

Open every day until 11pm in May except the 5th, 11th, 18th and 26th 64 Lincoln’s Inn Field, Holborn, London WC2A, 3JX 

No admission fee
18+ only

Reservations for the restaurant and tickets for the events are bookable via The House of Peroni website (be quick, they sell out fast!)

All images provided by House of Peroni


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