Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Food: New Ben & Jerry's Greek Style Fro-Yo!!!

If like me, you get really excited just by the name of Ben & Jerry's being mentioned, then you will LOVE the new Greek Style Fro-Yo (frozen yoghurt) flavours they just launched in the UK! I'm a fan of the regular fro-yo range, too, but it was interesting to have a taste of the Greek style as I thought it would taste more like yoghurt. They tasted just as delish as the usual flavours, but much, much lighter!

The Ben & Jerry's girls invited me to a fun little event they had at The Real Greek in Covent Garden, where we ate delicious halloumi and hummus, and tucked into the new flavours straight after!

The light and creamy taste sensations include Strawberry Shortcake, a rich Greek yoghurt sprinkled with juicy strawberry bits whirled with crumbly shortcake biscuit; Raspberry Chocolate Chunk, a blend of zingy raspberry notes with smooth chocolatey chunks; and Vanilla Honey Caramel, a soft vanilla FroYo with a swirl of gooey honey caramel.

My favourite was the strawberry Shortcake, as the bits of shortcake were so yummy and chunky!!

The range is available in Ben & Jerry’s signature 500ml take-home tubs with a RRP of £4.99, and Strawberry Shortcake and Vanilla Honey Caramel variants in 150ml pots priced at £1.68. Go go go and get iiiitttt!! :)

Now I need to try the new Core All or Nutting...


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