Thursday, 24 April 2014

Beauty: April Birchbox (Good Enough to Eat)

I was really excited to try Birchbox when they contacted me and sent me April's 'Good enough to eat' package. I've heard a lot about these monthly beauty/lifestyle subscription boxes but never tried one myself, as I was always a little sceptical about them. I never really knew what would be inside, and if I would get my money's worth. I also thought that I wouldn't benefit from most of the products as I am personally not a big 'beauty junkie'. Well, I was wrong!

This month, inspiration was taken from local food marked, the kitchen and favourite eateries. April's samples (mini sized versions of the actual full priced products) feature delicious scents and foodie elements...
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I got my cute little (but decent sized!) box in the post, and as soon as I opened it I got a rather pleasant surprise...

The box was beautifully packaged with all the mini contents inside of a Birchbox branded cloth pouch. I opened the soft pouch and inside was a lovely selection of really cool products!

It contained TheBalm Cosmetics Cheek & Lip Cream, Yes to Cucumber face wipes, Color Club nail varnish, Lord & Berry kohl eye pencil, and (drum roll please...) a Laura Mercier Souffle Body cream!!!! Uhhmm helloooo this stuff is EXPENSIVE...and I couldn't believe it's in this little box of goodies!

Even though the sample is small, it's big enough to last for weeks...

This Birchbox-exclusive candy coloured nail varnish is from a collection of 4, and from a collaboration with fashion blogger Gala Gonzalez - plus it came in one of my favourite summer colours!

I've already tested the eyeliner and it didn't smudge as much as my other ones during the day so I loved it.

The cheek & lip cream came in an adorable little vintage-inspired magnet palette, and was surprisingly strong in colour. Perfect for handbags and girls on-the-go as it's so handy. It was the one product that I wouldn't personally use, but the great thing about Birchbox is that they can personalise your boxes based on your tastes.

The cucumber wipes were great to pop into my bag and use to soothe and cleanse my skin when staying at a friends house or if I needed to re-apply my make-up.

Another really cute sample in the Birchbox was a ProperCorn bag, Sweet Coconut & Vanilla flavoured. Rather strange but yummy taste!! I must say that I wouldn't have bought this in the store but having tried it now I definitely would.

And it doesn't end there...Birchbox pack all the product info in your goody box, as well as fun postcards with things like recipes, beauty tips, events, activity suggestions and a chance for you to win the contents of the box in full size.

Their website is engaging too...with a blog detailing more info about the products, a magazine, and a shop where you can buy them in full size.

I was really pleased and pleasantly surprised with my little box, and I think this is a really great gift for a friend, mum or auntie (or you!). At only £10 a month, anyone could afford it and their friend would get a lovely surprise every month...brilliant idea.

A Birchbox is £10 a month (+£2.95 p&p) and you can subscribe for yourself or a friend on for as long or as little as you want (and cancel any time).


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