Saturday, 15 March 2014

Travel: £8 flight to NYC?!

So RyanAir have just announced that they are going to be offering customers £8 flights to the States, insane or what?? Obviously, after the additional charges such as tax you will end up paying more like £150. Things like the credit card fee, a checked 20kg bag, food and seat reservation are all voluntary so you could still pay less than that.

They are hoping to fly from 12-14 European cities and will offer flights to Boston and New York. This will not come into action until in another five years and until the company gets the long-haul aircraft it needs. I certainly would NOT want to be flying long haul in those weird little airplanes!!

With RyanAir recently adding allocated seating, an extra handbag and even more destinations, I'm starting to pay a little more attention and maybe even consider flying with them more often. Well done RyanAir, let's see how you can impress us further...


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