Sunday, 9 February 2014

Home Proud: Erin Wasson's place

Some years ago I found out about a website called The Selby, and quickly became obsessed. It's sort of like an interiors blog, but also gives you access to some celebrity homes. Karl Lagerfeld book walls are incredible, and Pharrell Williams' pad was a little surreal and like a kid's playground!

The one home I am still obsessing about is Erin Wasson's NYC warehouse conversion. This girl is so cool that she just oozes effortless chic, and her pad didn't disappoint. Check out photos of it below for some inspiration. I personally love the messy wall and have done one of my own but with more white and gray tones rather than brown.

All images are from The Selby, check out their book on Amazon, too.

Love the hippy vibe of this bedroom, and feathers and an arrow are so says to find and replicate with a bit of DIY!

Classic model arrangements here with a bit of a mess, but I like it! The walls are amazing

Since I saw these photos I've been replicating the messy wall look in my bedroom, too

Love how you can collect lots of different things from all over the world and put them all on one wall. I have a strange liking to crosses, too even though I am not religious

Hmm Erin maybe you could have done a little better with the couch...

Awesome...wish she was using the fireplace though!

Another cute arrangement of trinkets on the table...great conversation starters

Some of these look like Tracy Emin but I don't think they are...maybe her friends drew them?

I've always wanted to live in a converted warehouse...there's so much space and light! 

It looks like Erin has scoured markets to find all this amazing furniture 

What a stunner...


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