Sunday, 5 January 2014

New Finds: December

December has been kind to me...and Santa, too. For Christmas I got a Michael Kors (MK5055) gold watch that I've wanted for years, some beautiful leather gloves with studs, and an Estella Bartlett wishbone gold necklace.

I also bought myself these super comfy over-the-knee Dune boots on a sale (not currently on sale), and a T shirt from Asos.  I really needed some flat boots and these are perfect for casual outfits. Earlier in the winter I also bought a Balenciaga bag from a brilliant website that sells pre-loved items called Covetique - check it out!

You can click through to buy all the items below.

New things - December 2013



  1. You're a bad influence I've literally clicked straight through and purchased the necklace! So much for a new year spending ban!!


  2. Haha oh no!!! Sorry...I wouldn't have been able to resist either!! Xx


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