Sunday, 12 January 2014

Food: Quick & easy health tips (Pt 2)

As part of my five-part 'Quick & easy health tips' features, I wanted to find accessories that help me stay healthy in every day life...something that will make it easier for a lazy one like me!! *guilty face*

One of the brilliant things I found is the new Brita Fill & Go water bottle. It does what it says on the tin - filters your water! It's a no brainer, but there is a lot more to this bottle than just that.

It's very lightweight, perfectly sized, and the design is beautiful which is hard to find in a water bottle. Water bottles are usually very sporty, or in odd shapes and colours.

I love this one because it's extremely stylish (as stylish as a bottle can get!) and timeless, and the design embodies that 'lean and healthy' concept. I might not be making any sense when I say this but it's the best way I could describe it! It's that type of design you see on very expensive water bottles in a posh restaurant!

When you see this bottle in a photo, it probably looks heavy but it is incredibly lightweight 

I got the beautiful green design

You will get four filters in your pack as well as the instructions on how to insert them

 You can take the straw out if you prefer to, and the logo is very subtle

The bottle comes in four stylish colours which fit the design perfectly

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Images from Brita's website


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