Monday, 23 December 2013

Home Proud: Vintage vanity tray

Whilst doing some eBay browsing I accidentally came across this gorgeous vintage vanity tray. The seller obviously wasn't aware of its true value and sold it to me for just £16! I know...antique bargain!

These were used with the vintage brush and mirror sets back in the day, simply as a display dish on the vanity tables.

The details on the embroidery on this one are stunning, and the metal around it is as well. Quite rare to find such a lovely tray so I had to have it. There are lots on eBay all the time and for various prices, sizes and designs so do check it out if you like this one! Search terms 'vintage vanity tray' or 'vintage vanity tray lace'.

I used it as a display for all my perfumes, what do you think?

Vintage vanity tray bought on eBay

Beautiful details

Embroidery on the inside of the glass

Very Victorian?

I used this tray to display my perfumes

Perfumes from left...Vintage bottle, Marc Jacobs Honey, Chanel Chance, J'Adore Dior, J'Adore Dior mini travel bottle, Diesel Fuel For Life



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  2. Nice Vanity Tray, Congratulations!. I have one similar to yours. How do you think is the real price for a tray like ours? Mine is Victorian as well :-)


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