Sunday, 8 December 2013

Five Best *Christmas*: Gifts for the kids

I think we can all agree that kids seem to change their minds about the next favourite thing all the time. Today they want Furby, tomorrow they want a bike, on Saturday they don't want a bike an anymore because their friends got a trampoline.

I've found a few gifts that I know little ones will love for a little longer than that (or so you'd hope...)!

1. This John Lewis mini wooden kitchen suits both boys and girls! I've seen so many kids from ages 2 to 6 play with these, and they can collect their own wooden utensils and felt fruit and veg to cook for mum and dad. So cute! £50

2. Most little girls will love a Barbie doll, take care of her and save her for years and years. This one is pretty cool as it has a mermaid fin and hair that change colours in the bath! £17.99

3. I love these Vevian patent shoes, so classic and adorable for a little Miss! They will go with anything and will be her favourite shoes EVER! :) £89

4. Lovely little rose print Ella James tin tea set that comes in a pretty suitcase and is made of sturdy material to last. Another classic. £24

5. Loads of kids have these and are scooting around everywhere...some even go to school on them so they're pretty fun! Great for when in the park as well so they can keep up with the adults. Mini Micro T Bar Scooter - £54.99

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