Thursday, 19 December 2013

Beauty: Santa Claus - without the hair?

Yes, Santa can be beautiful, too...Ever thought of shaving Santa? Neither did I!! What does he look like?? Is he old, is he funny, or sexy? Who knows...but someone seems to have wanted to find out. 

Wilkinson Sword have made a little video where Santa is being held for ransom by a group of disgruntled elves, hungry for their time in the sun. The hostage was taken this morning with video footage emerging of Santa strapped to a chair in an unknown location.

It seems that their intentions are to expose Santa as an ordinary man by shaving off his best asset...

Footage of the ransom has now gone live where the public will then have the option to shave or save Santa and ultimately decide his fate. If you want to shave Santa you can go to to view the footage and cast your vote.

But you believe in Santa Claus? If he looks anything like the guy in the 'shave video' I won't complain...


The elfs get some ideas...

The ending to this is the best bit for us girls really (Shave Santa video option)...

Click here to save Santa or shave Santa! ;)

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