Friday, 6 December 2013

Five Best *Christmas*: Gifts for him

I've been reading so many magazines (probably about 20 as we have them all in the office!) and I have to admit that most of the stuff in the gift guides isn't something I would ACTUALLY buy. I don't know why, but maybe it's because they pick the oddest things...well I think I've found the top five or six presents that I think any man would's hoping.

1. Levi' good friend. I always go to Levi's to get my boyfriend a GOOD quality t-shirt. In my opinion, there's nowhere better to find a cool, timeless t shirt of this quality and for a reasonable price. Go with the classic Levi's logo or pick one of the more colourful tees from their AW collection. £25

2. Something that even dad, uncle or grandpa would love is this Jawbone Up bracelet/health & fitness wristband. Now this stylish and subtle wristband is one amazing accessory. It works with an app and tracks your sleep, movement and eating and then helps you use that information to feel your best. Veeeery cool for the busy Londonder! £99

3. For the gym, a weekend away, short trip...whatever he wants to use this John Lewis Rio Oily Leather Holdall for, he will no doubt look stylish with it! I think it's really hard to find a nice 'man bag' that is leather but that also looks sporty enough for guys to take to the gym so this one is a great find and really worth the price/investment for long term usage. John Lewis you never disappoint...£120

4. If you want to just get something cool and quirky but that isn't just a novelty object, the camera lens cup is awesome. Perfect for a gadget fan but without the crazy price tags!! £8.99

5. Another one for a techy man or just someone who loved to capture moments with their camera...the Bubblepix Bubblescope is a little accessory you attach to your phone and take perfect 360 videos with. The best thing about this little thing is that when you watch your fun videos online, you can actually scroll 'through' the 360 of it with your mouse, choosing what you want to see and when as the camera films the entire angle...does that make sense?? If not check this out , scroll ON the video from left to right and you'll see what I mean! £50

And finally, something to throw him off, surprise him, or maybe even scare him a little (if that's what you're into!) about a skydiving tandem session (£299)? If you can't afford it, Red Letter Days have a load of other adventurous options you can buy for him or even share together.

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Skydiving image from Red Letter Days

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  1. There are really great gift ideas for women. I am supposed to find something for my mother for mother's day but I might have to get something for myself too. Thanks so much for sharing.

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