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London Food: Afternoon tea at the Landmark hotel

I searched all over the place to find a selection of the best Afternoon Teas in London. There are a dozen places to choose from, really depending on your taste and what sort of environment you like. The prices are about the same everywhere, and everyone knows that the ultimate experience is either at The Ritz or at Claridge's.

I went to the Landmark Hotel in Marylebone, and tasted their delicious award-winning afternoon tea for my birthday. The setting was stunning, and service impeccable....see more details and photos below.

The staff were very sweet and got me this!

The afternoon tea is set in the middle of the hotel, in the foyer that technically looks like you are outdoors. It's beautiful, there are even palm trees, and the hotel's rooms have 'indoor' balconies you can see above you. The only downside to this is that because the are is so big, it's also used by all the guests, well, for everything. To be honest, there is enough space for you to have your own area without it getting too busy, but the grand feel of it all also made it feel less intimate. Again, it just depends what you like but I gave it 3 out of 5 stars because I personally would have preferred the space to be a little smaller. I did love the natural light, too!

The service was amazing, the staff were very sweet and chatty-funny but professional and were always on hand to top up my tea and food. They were discreet but knew exactly when to come in to see if we needed anything else. They knew a lot about the vast selection of teas on offer, and even got me a little birthday treat at the end. Even though it's a five star hotel and everything was perfectly polished, I didn't feel out of place or uncomfortable as you would at some places. I would definitely come back and recommend this as a meeting venue as well.

We didn't have the champagne but the teas on offer were great. There was a selection of dozens of types of teas from all over the world to taste, and you could have your cup topped up as many times as you want. I had some traditional and a few Chinese selections, and they were all yummy and refreshing.

Apart from the service, this is where I could really see why this hotel had won awards for their afternoon tea. You can choose between traditional or chocolate and we had both. The sandwiches were fresh and delicious, and the scones were the best I had ever tasted - I felt like I was in scone heaven! They were soft and warm, and not dry at all. The desserts were very rich but also yummy, and I tried every single one. There was a choice between dark chocolate, milk chocolate, fruity, salty, etc..-all sorts! And not only this, they were beautifully presented with so much detail on these tiny pieces of goodness!

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Most delicious scones I've ever had, warm and not dry!

I had about three servings of these! Delish!

Afternoon Tea is served
Monday - Friday: 3pm-5:30pm
Saturday - Sunday: 1:30pm-6pm

Traditional Afternoon Tea is £40 per person, Chocolate Afternoon Tea is £42 per person and Champagne Afternoon Tea is £45 per person

Email to book a time

222 Marylebone Road, NW1 6JQ


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