Saturday, 19 October 2013

Home Proud: Rocket St. George Glass Frame

One of my favourite online stores for the home or for great, unique gifts is Rocket St. George.

I bought this double glass frame for my friend's birthday, and did some DIY to decorate both sides.

For the left side I just used a dried flower from an old bouquet, and I didn't need to press it properly or anything as it was sort of 'mossy' when dry anyway, and the colour stayed. You can pretty much put anything in there, as you just move the top needle to open the glass and slide in your piece of art!

For the right side I printed an image and then cut small strips of lace as the frame. You can buy any lace or material you want at haberdashery stores or on eBay - easy!

This frame was only £12 and comes in two sizes. Buy it here

Buy some of the other glass frames on Rocket St George here


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  1. I wanna make some DIY with you ANA!


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