Saturday, 19 October 2013

Food: Coldpress juices...yum!!

I am currently on a serious  (very serious..) hunt for healthy juices! I have always picked juice over water. Knowing this isn't the BEST choice of every day drink, I wanted to find juices that were REALLY healthy, and not ones that just claim they are. I'm talking about your smoothies that are half water, or 'pure' juices that have way too much unnatural sugar.

There are some great healthier juice brands out there, and before I buy my own juicer (£70 from Amazon!) I'm going to try and review some of these for you.

First ones I have found are these gorgeous looking Coldpress juices sent to me to review. 

The packaging is so pretty and colourful and makes these easy to spot on the shelves. There are currently nine flavours to choose from, and they are all 100% fruit with no added sugar colour or flavours. There is also no heat sterilisation preservatives or concentrates in these little bottles of goodness. Here's a little education from Coldress:

HPP vs pasteurisation
Pasteurisation creates a dramatic reduction in a fruit juice's distinctive taste, colour, aroma, vitamins and nutritional integrity.

In start contract Coldopress uses high pressure processing (HPP). Their hexagonal bottles provide the perfect shape to huddle together before taking a dip in a high pressure cold water plunge pool. This exhilarating dunk enables each one of the core ingredients  to hold on to their unique flavour subtleties and inbuilt goodness.

This makes the juices contain double the antioxidants of heat pasteurised juice, and delivers over 200% of the daily recommended intake of vintamin C. Woopee!!!

The interesting thing about these juices is that the main flavour is apple. When I took my first gulp I was a little overwhelmed at the strong apple taste, but in a good way! You can REALLY taste the nature in these - it feels like you are drinking the juice straight out of the apple after biting it, it's amazing! Then the subtler tastes of the other fruits come through, and even in the small bottles, it's a good thirst quencher.

My favourite flavour was the Apple Peach!

I've wanted a juicer for a long time, but whilst I save to buy one, I will be drinking healthy juices like these in the morning and will hopefully find some more in Whole Foods.

The juice flavours available are:
Braeburn Apple
Valencia Orange
Apple & Raspberry
Apple & Lemon
Apple & Passionfruit
Pink Lady Apple
Granny Smith
Apple Peach

You can buy Coldpress juices in all good supermarkets and online

They also do smoothies! Yay! :)


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