Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Travel: Before they pass away

Whilst reading Conde Nast Traveller (love it!) I saw a stunning photo of a tribesman that I thought was just part of an article. As I turned the pages I became more and more fascinated by what I saw - stunning, colourful and detailed images of tribes all over the world, shot by inspiring photographer Jimmy Nelson.

These pictures were so beautiful that as I stared they pulled me in, made me feel like this person was right here in front of me. They almost made me emotional, because even before I read the descriptions I knew these were images of tribes that were endangered.

British photographer Jimmy took a trip of a lifetime to 44 countries, and documented these tribal cultures that may not be around for very long. His inspiring journey will show those who care just how precious these tribes are, their traditions under wraps and so difficult to maintain through the modern world of 'convenience'.

I say convenience because when you give someone something they have not had before (such as TVs, clothes, etc.), that makes their life easier, why wouldn't they take it? This then changes their way of life, without them being strong enough to resist it or maybe even noticing they are changing. I witnessed this myself when I went to Thailand recently - the tribes from Nepal were being forced to come into Thailand and make scarves for tourists because their own government was taking their land and not giving them a chance. They are literally being driven into modern society without choice, and losing their way as they raise the next generation.

Jimmy took photos of 30 tribes around the globe, and his book has over 500 images. You can read more about the tribes here, or buy the book here (great gift and now down to £37 from £100!).

According to the website, "the goal of this visual anthropology was to capture the lives of remote and endangered tribes. The tribes he captures might seem wild and somehow alien, but they show clear dominion over their remote and unforgiving environments, offering a remarkable glimpse back in time to how we urban dwellers once lived."


Images from Before they pass away website

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