Thursday, 26 September 2013

Food: Godiva Truffes Signature & Légendaires

Godiva is another one of my favourite chocolate brands. After pretty much trying hundreds of chocolates around the world, I've concluded there is nothing like a great quality truffle.

Godiva are one of the real masters of chocolate, and these truffles sent to me to try are absolutely a little piece of heaven! The Godiva Truffes Legendaires is a collection of the brand's iconic legendary truffles from the past as well as with six new recipes. Each truffle in this box represents a highlight in Godiva's 60-year history since 1946.

The box of Signatures I received had these new flavours and I loved them. They are really unique, and taste as luxurious as they look. One specific thing I loved is that the creamy contents inside the shells didn't taste oily, like a lot of bad quality truffles do. It tasted just perfect, with hits of different tastes and a perfectly soft texture.

If you're stuck for what to buy someone for their birthday, or just want to buy the ultimate little treat, this Signatures pack is perfect because they're inexpensive but come in stunning packaging and ooze luxury. Plus they are so rich and tasty that you can really enjoy one truffle without needing to eat an entire pack like with cheap chocolates!

So are the flavours:

Our signature version of the traditional truffle: luscious milk chocolate mousse sourrounded by crisp, dark chocolate and rolled in fine cocoa powder

An intriguing blend of rich liquid caramel and sel de Guerande, covered in both milk and dark chocolate and topped with dark chocolate slivers

Creamy dark chocolate ganache covered in pure dark chocolate rolled in delicate 72% dark chocolate flakes

Inspired by the traditional Belgian biscuit: cinnamon Speculoos biscuit mousse surrounded by smooth milk chocolate and covered with  Speculoos biscuit crunch

Wildflower honey infused ganache combined with light vanilla mousse, covered in dark chocolate and rolled in creamy white chocolate flakes

Smooth cappuccino mousse covered in dark chocolate and rolled in creamy white and milk chocolate flakes

 Beautiful packaging

Truffes Signatures, 9pcs - £16

Also available in 18pcs (£37), 16pcs (£27) and 24pcs (£32) in London Godiva stores, Selfridges and Harrods


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