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London Food: The Parlour

I never really venture out to Canary Wharf (It's rather far away), but I had a meeting last week and chose The Parlour as our brekkie spot! All I can say is that I am absolutely gutted that this place isn't a chain and that it's only located in Canary Wharf because it's AMAZING!

It's quite big, but cleverly designed so that it still feels cozy. The decor is a mix of antique and modern looks, and the different seating options are fab. We sat on the beautiful soft, velvet couches near the entrance and it was great to see how much natural sunlight the entire place gets.

The menu is extensive, filled with quirky options but also with classic choices, so there is something there for everyone - making it the perfect meeting spot for breakfast, lunch or cocktails. I haven't personally tried the cocktails but have heard great things. Here is a quick review on my experience...

Who wouldn't want their lemon wrapped as beautifully as this? Genius

As mentioned earlier, the atmosphere and decor here is amazing, I love everything about it. The mix between the modern and antique makes you feel at home, and everything is so perfectly coordinated but in the most complicated way...if that makes sense! It is a really quiet area, especially for breakfast as it is in Canary Wharf. The only downside is that this location is usually too far for those who don't work there, so you'd need to make extra effort to experience it!

The service as superb. The waiters were very quick, friendly, very polite and very efficient. When you have very little time to get your meeting done, there is nothing worse than bad and slow service in a restaurant. These guys have it nailed, we were very happy! I also changed my mind about the juice and they immediately replaced it within a minute!

DRINKS *****
There is a really long choice of drinks here, and there's always something comforting about a restaurant that can make anything your heart desires! The best choice would probably be the freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable based customized juices! You  simply choose a 'base' flavour and then add whatever else you want, and voila - you get a fresh and delicious drink on your table within 3 minutes! I had the orange and carrot combination, yummy!

FOOD *****
Just like the drinks, the food menu is astonishing (There are several)...there is just so much in here! I am not a fan of big menus, but this brekkie one is just perfect. It's so easy to choose when everything is simple but with one or two intriguing additions. They serve the classics - poached eggs, bacon, sausage, etc. but it obviously tastes a lot better than at the greasy spoon down your road! The prices are very reasonable, in fact cheap for the great quality you get. I had the eggs benedict with ham, baby spinach, hollandaise sauce and English muffins. When it arrived it looked too big to stomach but it was just right - I managed to eat the whole thing! The eggs were cooked in two ways and I loved that, but I removed the spinach as I am really picky but I'm sure you can tell your preferences to the waiter!

Overall, I would highly recommend The Parlour and wish I worked nearer so that I can go more often!

Beautiful interiors, but these photos don't do it justice

Some of the cocktails on offer have been praised by media, as the restaurant does quirky variations of classic mixes

I actually managed to finish this! The eggs were perfect

So cute, just another decoration amongst other antiques

Everything is 10 times better with avocado!

Breakfast for one with a custom juice is only around £12

The Park Pavilion, 40 Canada Square, E14 5FW

Images of the restaurant taken from Google

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