Thursday, 22 August 2013

Home Proud: Philippa Stanton & Synaesthesia

Another cool Instagram discovery, artist Philippa Stanton caught my eye recently. Philippa is a Synesthetic artist, which means that she can see sound, taste and smell in shape, colour and texture, allowing her to create unique portraits of people's voices, food and drink.

As her website states: 'Synaesthesia is a merging of the sense and errays of textured, colourful shapes accompany every taste, smell and tactile feeling experienced.'

Her art is beautiful, and the textures are wonderful and perfectly placed on the paintings. She also posts interesting images on her Instagram page, 5ftinf, which are mainly still life shots of 'The Table'. 'In these she highlights ordinary objects, small treasures, garden flowers and cups of tea in artistic compositions drawn from everyday feelings, rather than meanings.' She has over 220,000 followers, check her blog out here as well.

Jasmine Scent (Acrylic on canvas), £250

Images from Philippa Stanton's Instagram

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