Sunday, 11 August 2013

Food: Lindt Excellence range

It's no secret I love Lindt chocolates (how many reviews have I done now?!!!) so to be sent these new flavours really makes my day! The new chocolate bars out in supermarkets now (RRP £1.83) are called Lindt Excellence and I tried both the Blueberry Intense and Strawberry Intense (lucky me!).

These summer inspired flavours are a great treat after lunch or dinner as they are really thin and have enough 'strong' flavour in just one block of chocolate. I obviously ate the whole thing in one go but I wouldn't recommend this to anyone if I knew any better.

I recently became a fan of dark chocolate, and these bars have a perfectly balanced taste of rich cocoa notes and fruit as well as delicate fruit pieces. The strawberry one is great as the fruit pieces are slightly bigger so you get that sweeter taste through quicker than the blueberry flavour...depends what you prefer!

I highly recommend!

Lindt Excellence range, £1.83


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