Saturday, 27 July 2013

Beauty: Beach holiday

What I'll be taking with me to Croatia on Tuesday...

1. I'm a new found fan of Simple products and their facial wipes are great. They're cheap, they last for ages, they're just wet enough, they don't make my eyes itch and they 100% remove all makeup and dirt - perfect! I prefer to take this on holiday as it's easier when I can't be bothered with the whole cleansing routine. £3.25

2. It's no secret that St. Ives Apricot Scrubs are UK's No1 in their field, and it's definitely not a surprise. With 100% natural exfoliants and extracts, the facial and body scrubs guarantee smoother skin within seven days. It definitely works, and this big pot lasts for months as you only need to use it about 2-3 times a week. Essential for holiday and for prepping skin for a nice, durable tan! £5.49

3. Love this body butter from Soap & Glory...there are so many body butters and moisturizers out there but this one just feels a little makes me feel so cozy after a shower and smells great and different to any other moisturizer I've had. It absorbs perfectly and my skin feels great for hours. Moisturizing is another essential step after a nice scrub and shower, to prolong that summer glow. £9

4. Another product recommended by a friend who's a beauty junkie...the Piz Buin Tan & Protect sun lotion. It's really expensive at xx and I still need to see whether it works, but apparently it's the best thing out there to enhance your tan and make it last. Sun protection is really important (especially against wrinkles!) so I got this one in an SPF 30. £17.49

5. I'm sure a lot of people use this and know about it, but the Aussie shampoo gives my hair a silky and weightless feeling...and the smell is amazing! £4.49

6. Ahhh the Laura Mercier matte bronzer makes yet another appearance. I have to say it's the best one out there, stays on all day and there is a waiting list for it so all those people must be right! £23

7. I LOOOOVEEE this Nars lip pencil and all the great shades they have. It's my favourite staple piece of make-up that I put on when I'm going out and it stays in for hours no matter what you eat...or do :) £17.50

8. There are lots of cheaper eyeshadow palettes and sets out there, but I love my Chanel smoky eye set. It's really easy to apply either just with a finger or brush, and stays on really well. I've had mine for years as I don't use it that often, but you don't need a lot to apply so it's worth the pennies! £37

So there we go...a round up of some of my favourite products to take with you on holiday. Everyone is different and likes different colours, brands and make-up looks so it's worth experimenting a little before you start buying the expensive stuff! I totally agree that some cheaper products are great such as eyeliner, nail polish, etc. but I also have to say that it's worth paying a little extra for the staples such as foundation, brushes, mascara (I use Dior Diorshow) and bronzer.


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