Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Five Best: Father's Day gifts

We all know that making mum feel special is sometimes thought of more often than making dad feel the same...Maybe it's because dads are meant to be all macho and not into gifts, but that's where Father's Day comes in - time for dad to be spoilt! It's that one day when you can spend quality time with him, and make him smile with some thoughtful or fun gifts.

Here is my roundup of some gift ideas...

1. All dads need a little help in the style department, and I'm sure would love it even more if their kids picked out all their clothes! No matter what his age, this Musto Helm plain polo shirt will make him feel stylish and ready for a summer day out. Let's hope he doesn't smudge it at the next BBQ... £50

2. As mentioned in my Mother's Day gift guide, experience gifts are probably the best thing to buy as they let you both spend the day together and do something fun. Buyagift have an amazing selection of gifts like this, from a helicopter pilot experience day for £139 (per person), to beer tasting in London for £59 (per person) and a 2 for 1 indoor skydiving offer for £49

3. Every dad needs a hands-free kit, especially one that's high end and of exceptional quality  like this Parrot MINIKIT Neo. It's a portable kit that enables the driver to accept and reject calls, as well as send and receive texts and emails vocally. It's a great size, and at just £69.99 easily affordable. It also has a dedicated app providing a range of services, such as vocal alerts to ensure recommended breaks during long journeys.

4. This super soft 100% Egyptian cotton Dunelm Mill bathrobe is perfect for dads who like to wind down after a long day. Exceptionally warm and comforting, it's a nice gift that he can use every day and comes in a variety of colours for just £34.99

5. If you and your siblings are in the mood to splurge (unless you have a massive family so it works out cheaper haha) this is a great and unique gift. At £1,000, you wouldn't expect any less than something bespoke and handmade, and that is exactly what this full size Trombone speaker dock is. Definitely for the dad who has it all, the stylish dock is unlike any I've seen before and fits perfectly into the decor of a home. I much prefer it to the modern docks.


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