Sunday, 12 May 2013

Style Icon: Miroslava Duma

Probably the tiniest style icon out there, Miroslava aka Mira Duma is one someone you should always be googling for style inspiration. Former Editor of Harper's Bazaar Russia, she is now the founder of Russian style website Buro 24/7, a fashion consultant and a mother. I love how she does great combinations of cute, sexy, sophisticated and sporty...

She lives in New York, works on Russian time, and is seen at every fashion week around the world. There's been a few articles here and there about all the Russian fashionistas breaking out into the mainstream, but I think it's safe to say Mira was there a long time ago.

Sheck out some photos below, and see here Instagram here and a great Tumblr with lots of photos here

Only Riri can match denim like this!


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  1. She´s a great personality: It´s not only the clothes she wears and the style she represents, she is herself and that ist what guarantees her success. Mrs. Mira Duma, you are great !


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