Thursday, 30 May 2013

My bucket list








Doesn't everyone have a bucket list? Even if it isn't written down, everyone must have one in their head, right? I feel really blessed to have been able to do a lot of things in my short 27 year old life already...I am extremely impatient when it comes to having things my way so I am determined to make all this happen asap!! Here is a full list of the things I want to do, with the ones I've already done crossed out...

1.    Go Sky Diving
2.    Visit at least 50 countries (36 down and counting!!)
3.    Own a pair of designer shoes I bought myself
4.    Own a Chanel or Balenciaga bag I bought myself
5.    Take photos with a professional SLR camera
6.    Write a blog (Asia Fantasia and my photography blog)
7.    Go Kayaking
8.    Go to a football or rugby game
9.    Climb a volcano
10. Go trekking
11. Climb a mountain
12. Create a walk in wardrobe
13. Teach someone to ride a bike or rollerblade
14. Swim with sharks
15. Travel for longer than two weeks
16. Live in more than three countries
17. Stay in an eco treetop resort
18. Go to a festival more than once (Glastonbury four times, Exit, Womad, Wireless)
19. Go on an African safari
20. Eat in a Michelin starred restaurant
21. Appear on TV
22. Travel across America or down the coast line
23. Go on a cooking course
24. Go on a ski-ing holiday
25. Ride a horse
26. Ride a camel
27. Fly anywhere first class
28. Go on an around the world cruise or trip
29. Get married and have babies
30. Become an Aunty
31. Become a Granny
32. Fire a gun
33. Buy a house
34. Celebrate a 10th wedding anniversary
35. Celebrate a 25th wedding anniversary
36. Celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary
37. Give money to a charity
38. Volunteer
39. Learn to play a song on a guitar or piano
40. Go white water rafting
41. Go abseiling
42. See a London West End show and musical
43. Stay in a villa
44. Travel South America
45. Ride a moped or motorbike
46. Travel around Australia and New Zealand
47. Hire a campervan
48. Attend a cocktail making class
49. Attend a chocolate making class
50. See an Olympic event live
51. Work freelance
52. Dedicate a month to work for charity
53. Spend one Christmas Day helping others
54. Go in a hot air balloon
55. Take snowboarding lessons abroad
56. Learn to dance different world dances
57. Be a speaker at a conference or event
58. Go into a helicopter
59. Give blood
60. Spend a Christmas abroad
61. Go to the airport and take the first international flight on holiday
62. Speak more than 1 language
63. Do a marathon
64. Help build a school in Africa
65. Drive and do a road trip through Iceland
66. Ride an elephant
67. Bathe an elephant
68. Work in more than three different professions
69. Swim with a dolphin
70. Have my portrait painted
71. Be an extra in a film
72. Be an audience member on a TV show
73. Go skinny dipping
74. Learn to Balroom dance and compete
75. Sit in a jury
76. See a lunar eclipse
77. Sleep under the stars
78. Tube down a river
79. Spend a night at a private island
80. Go to Rio carnival and participate
81. Grow vegetables
82. Scuba dive
83. Take part in a triathlon
84. Go snorkelling
85. Try water skiing
86. Have my own business
87. See the Northern Lights
88. Chop my hair off short
89. Be a mentor to someone
90. Edit a magazine
91. Fly a kite
92. Be a vegetarian for a month
93. Ride a rollercoaster
94. Try surfing
95. Go on holiday with a best friend
96. Get my fortune told
97. Go to a strip club
98. Help someone without wanting anything in return
99. Eat something raw
100. Catch a fish
101. Dance in the rain
102. Be silent for one whole day
103. Go to Burning Man
104. Spend a day in a jungle
105. Meet a travel writer
106. Partake in a Japanese tea ceremony
107. See a real Geisha
108. Shrow tomatoes at la tomatina
109. Take flying lessons
110. Float in the dead sea
111. Ride in a gondola in Venice
112. Go through the maze in Longleat House
113. Bathe in the Blue Lagoon
114.Walk on the Great Wall of China
115. Stay in an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora
116. Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower
117. Drink expensive champagne I can’t afford!
118. Watch a movie at a drive in theatre
119. Go Whale watching
120. Hold a koala
121. Participate in a protest
122. Go to Disneyland
123. Make a bonfire and corn or s’mores
124. Zipline
125. Sleep in a hammock
126. Photograph Teauphoo in Tahiti
127. Full moon party on Koh Phanghan
128. Hike the Inca trail
129. Surf in Australia
130. Mile high club
131. Surf/swim with dolphins
132. Drive Route 66
133. Drink mint tea in Morocco
134. Relax in a hammock with a coconut cup
135. Watch the Haka
136. Feed a Kangaroo
137. Have Xmas on the beach
138. Swim in every major ocean
139. Island hop in Fiji
140. Experience an earthquake
141. Immigrate somewhere warm!
142. Visit at least 2 of the 7 wonders of the world
143. Do something incredibly spontaneous and that I’ll probably regret
144. Go tubing in Laos
145. Get a tailored jacket in Vietnam
146. Drink tequila in Mexico
147. Gather enough passport stamps to warrant a new one
148. Do a border run
149. Travel alone
150. Visit the floating markets in Thailand
151. Eat some really crazy traditional cuisine
152. Chill with some penguins in Antarctica
153. Visit the gorgeous beaches of Phi Phi Island
154. Learn to snowboard
155. Go on Safari in Africa
156. Soak up the scenery of Halong Bay in Vietnam
157. Get a travel related tattoo
158. Sail in the Galapagos Islands
159. Book a spontaneous trip
160. Learn a new language
161. Force myself to bungee jump (despite being terrified of heights!)
162. Experience a hop on, hop off bus
163. Camp in the outback
164. Explore Hawaii
165. Visit the Pyramids in Egypt
166. Eat steak and drink wine in Argentina
167. Chill out in Costa Rica
168. Gorilla trekking

169. Sunrise over Angkor Wat Temples


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