Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Beauty: House of Rush & Gorkana event

Annie and I went to another great event this week at the House of Rush HQ in Piccadilly Circus. It was organized by Rush salons and Gorkana, and they pulled out all the stops! There were manicures, facials, lip beauty treatments, hair treatments, make up advice, food, drinks....the list goes on!

I personally had no idea that the Rush group had such an amazing flagship salon, and that they had a huge selection of beauty treatments available. The interior design is stunning, with hovering gold baroque mirrors and pretty silver chandeliers reflecting the light onto the big mirrors and windows through the entire floor.

The staff were so kind, fun and creative and Annie and I enjoyed ourselves so much we were the last ones to leave! I had an Oxygen facial, we ate strawberries and chocolate and drank champagne. I had a fun updo done by one of the sweet hair dressers whilst chatting about all the treatments available at the salon.

Visit their website for more details, but you can pretty much get anything done for an affordable price and with a quick appointment.


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