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Home Proud: Pressed flowers in glass

One of my favourite online home stores is Rocket St George. Most people would have heard of them, and they have some gorgeous accessories as well as furniture and art. The best thing about their stock is that most of it has quite a shabby chic or victorian feel to it, which is what I personally love.

I found a double glass frame and thought a pressed flower on one side and a photo on the other would look pretty. When I was looking for images for this post I actually discovered some Etsy shops that already sell this.

Here are some instructions and ideas if you want to do it on your can create jewelry, art, bookmarks, gifts, anything that comes to mind...

£11.36, Etsy shop Mingo Gardens

How to press flowers
Pick your flowers on a sunny day around noon, when there's a minimum of humidity and dew on the petals.

Indoors, away from breezes, lay your treasures on two thicknesses of paper toweling. Press each bloom flat with your fingers. The center part can be removed if it's too bulky, and the stem either snipped off or left, depending on whether you like its looks.

When the page is full, cover it with two more layers of toweling and several open greaseproof tissues. Then carefully place the "sandwich" between the pages of an old magazine.

Lay the closed magazine on a hard, flat surface in a dry area. Place anything heavy you have place on top of the improvised flower press. The blossoms will be dry and flat in a week or two. From Mother Earth News

How to frame pressed flowers
If your flower and art work is small, you can laminate the flowers with a laminating machine or at your local stationary store, to keep the air and moisture out.

Another method is to seal the artwork while framing:
- Allow the picture to be completely dry before starting.

- Cut a piece of heavy-duty aluminum foil with the same measurement as the frame’s glass.

- Cut a piece of desiccant board to size or wrap several small packages of silica gel with white table napkin. Packages need to be flat. Pre-packaged silica gel can be used instead.

- Using scotch tape to secure desiccant board or silica gel packages on the backside of foil.

- Lay the frame glass down. Use anti-UV glass or acrylic for maximum color retention.

- If you use a mat, secure the picture on mat first, then face down toward the frame glass.
Place foil on top of the picture with desiccant board or silica gel packages next to picture.

- Seal four sides with aluminum tape (found in hardware stores). Make sure the corners are completely covered and there is not a big air bubble trapped inside. Now, picture is sealed between glass and foil. Desiccant board or silica gel packages will continue to absorb moisture seeped in. If you live in an area that humidity is high, you should change the desiccant board or silica gel packages every year for best results.

- Place glass with pictures into frame to finish. From Pressed Flowers

Care tips
- Avoid displaying pressed flowers in direct sunlight
- Keep pressed flower pictures out of rooms with high humidity, such as bathrooms or kitchens
- Try to make an air tight seal when framing. Air causes oxidation and premature fading of pressed flowers

From Cox & Cox blog

£116.96 , Etsy shop Mingo Gardens

£7.35, Etsy shop Gloryville Hill 

£12.70, Etsy shop Mingo Gardens

£46.11, Etsy shop Mingo Gardens

Idea and image from All About You


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