Thursday, 18 April 2013

Food: Heavenly Lindt chocolates

Anyone who works with me will know about my obsession with chocolate...mainly because I probably eat 2-3 chocolate bars of some kind every single day! One of my all time favourite brands is Lindt, they just always get it right. You know what you're getting before you even taste something new...pure delicious chocolates created by master chocolatiers with great quality but affordable prices.

I recently tried some of their newest products, and as always was not disappointed...and ate it all in one go with my friend Rachel (oops).
This amaaaazing Crème Brûlée chocolate bar is the latest decadent addition to the irresistible Creation range from Lindt. Made with the finest ingredients, each bar is generously filled with a smooth crème brulee filling with caramelised, crisp sugar pieces wrapped in the smoothest Lindt milk chocolate. Both my friend Rachel and I enjoyed it so much we devoured it within 10 minutes! I promise you won't be able to resist this unique flavour and's so yummy!!

£1.99 from all good retailers and the Lindt E-shop

Rachel giving the Crème Brûlée chocolate bar a goes down a treat and... she wants the whole thing
Appropriately named the Irresistibly Smooth Milk Chocolate, it has got to be THE most indulgent choc bar I've ever devoured in an afternoon (yes, even Kinder Bueno can't compete). Each bar has six delicious segments filled with smooth melting filling LINDOR is renowned for...even though it's quite large in size, it can easily fit into a bag, and I personally would be too greedy to share it with anyone else!

Only £0.69 from all good retailers and the Lindt E-shop


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