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London Food: STK

STK's tag line is "not your daddy's steakhouse" - apparently because they aim to be more female friendly than the stereotypical steakhouse in the States. This never came to mind when I arrived there, as I've been a lover of steak for a long time and would walk into a restaurant full of men not thinking twice about this! As the Metro puts it, "they need to meet some better ladies"! We had fun, ate amazing steak, and drank delicious cocktails - I would definitely go back again.

STK is a modern steakhouse and a chic lounge blended into one. The music is quite loud but fun, atmosphere great and there is even a DJ next to the large central bar which the dining area surrounds. There is quite an energetic vibe which isn't for everyone, but it's definitely a different dining experience to what most people would be used to.

Besides the interesting atmosphere, the service was impeccable. Our waitress knew her steak, and seemed really enthusiastic about everything on the menu. I let her decide for me, and she picked a great drink and a delicious steak. She also explained more about the concept and restaurant and generally paid good attention to our needs...great service overall!

DRINKS *****
Upon arrival you will be given the very stylish menus and offered bottled still or sparkling water. There is a STK designed cocktail menu but they also offer the classics like the Long Island Ice Tea which my boyfriend had. I had the Ophelia Flame cocktail - a blend of Hennessy Vsop, Cointreau, pineapple juice and passion fruit. I love fruity cocktails that aren't too strong so this was perfectly delicious for me!

FOOD *****
The starters are varied, with most of them being fish based. We didn't have any as we wanted a big steak! Their most popular starter is the Lil Brgs I hear...STK's steaks are mainly USDA prime which is the highest grade of American steak. The menus features small, medium and large cuts of meat with prices varying from £16.50 to £55 for the Cowboy steak which weighs 750g. My boyfriend had the medium sirloin cooked medium rare, and I had the special Australian beef Wagyu selections cooked medium. This apparently came from a cow that was beer and corn fed, that also apparently had a "very happy life"! Let's hope so...I had some sauce on the side but the steak was so succulent and delicious that it really didn't need anything to accompany it! If you want your steak with a little extra, you can order toppings black truffle and crab - very cool. Every mouthful was more heavenly than the previous, and this has definitely got to be the best steak I have ever had. For the sides we had the truffle chips and mac 'n' unusual choice I know, but they tasted divine.

There was unfortunately no space in our tummies for dessert, but their Taste of the Fairground option seems to be the most popular one...with a selection of five different mini desserts on a fairground style serving tray.

This place is definitely oozing chic and cool vibes...maybe it's a little sexy too. Most people probably wouldn't expect the food here to be amazing, but I have to give them credit for the great Wagyu selections steak and the cocktails. STK is trendy, sexy, and a little taste of New York or Vegas in won't be disappointed.

A meal for two with sides, cocktails, water and 12.5% service costs around £165

336-337 The Strand, WC2. 

Wall decor

The Ophelia Flame cocktail - a blend of Hennessy Vsop, Cointreau, pineapple juice and passion fruit

A sirloin steak and a Wagyu selections steak plus parmesan truffle chips and good old mac 'n' cheese


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